Avatar Mogdrogen

I decided to kill this guy, however, he spawned as level 71 when I’m level 52 and I had an 85 try kill him but after about maybe nearly 15-20 minutes or so, had only gotten him to just about half health. If anyone’s willing to kill him if he DOES drop loot worth killing him for, you can have my loot as well. :]

If anyone wants to come try it out, I have a game hosted right now titled “Need 85s help PLEASE” lol

There’s an easy way to kill him down with my 85 hit me up anytime between 11am - 230pm CST starting on the 5th and I’ll help ya kill him although he’s not something you should be attempting to do at 52 because he’s THE hardest mob in the game to fight by far…nothing even compares to him, he’s suppose to be extremely hard and a test to your build / gear.




add me on steam friend list, can’t remember which of those names shows up though.