B29 Hotfix 2 (v0.3.7.1)

i’m not even happy about your updates anymore, you should all be relaxing and enjoying some time off! Although, it is amazing to see such dedication for work!

I just registered to say, THANK YOU.

I played hundreds of ARPG’s, thousands of games I’ve never seen such dedication and hard work being put in a single game. I just can’t quit the game, I’ve played 15 hours in 2 days. I love the work you do, please don’t rush anything. Take a break and enjoy christmas guys, you deserve some free time since the game is so close to perfection now :slight_smile:

still can’t get the first thing from the both factions in homestead.
before the b29 hotfix1, it is ok to get the first contact thing. after the hotfix 1, some quests reset, and my lvl50 was rolled back to lvl49.
and then i can’t get any contact from both factions.
Please take a look on my savefile.

Thanks guys.

Also, I’m now also experiencing the bug where you can’t finish the last part of the main quest. Basically, what happens is: you kill the blood wagons, then exit the game. When you come back, the entry to tomb is sealed.

Hopefully this fixed the Storm Totem AND the Wind Devil casting in the final boss fight… Merry Christmas and Thank You Santa Crate!

Why did you exit? Currently even after you beat the boss you have to clear out the wagons to reenter the end area if you relog your game.

This sounds as if you were using Cloud Saving, and it was turned off by an update. Enable it again in the GD options.

Or, if you disabled it, then you would need to move the save files. See How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn’s default location for directions.

Thank you for your hard work!

Strange. I’ve traveled up to Arkovian Foothills with my fresh char, and have 49 elixirs of spirit in my backpack. Drunk about five of them on the way too.

Is there some specific zone you don’t see it drop, or maybe specific difficulty?

I had a problem to, i was out of elixirs of spirit and i didant find at any shop to buy them… so i dont know if that was a bug or not but is realy strange;)

Was just down in Devil’s Aquifer (Viloth) and popped open the (world) map and it was still not centered correctly.

I find that it is impossible to cast Storm Totems and Wind Devils in multiple places. This is particularly bad in Ashen Waste and the Bastion of Chaos. Any place where you have to walk through the obsidian shards is a dead zone. A lot of the over-passes are dead zones. This may be the same problem that folks were having in the final boss fight. I have not tried him yet because I do not want to find out that half my skills are ineffective. Last I heard there were still only certain areas where you could put down a totem or cast Wind Devil.

Can anyone verify that this is fixed…or not?

Yes you can set totems and cast Wind Devils in the final boss room now, but I am still having trouble setting totems in other certain areas like near walls.

For instance, outside of Tyrant’s Hold area in the small courtyard where there is a devotion shrine. If you walk in there and the wall is south of you, you don’t seem to be able to set on on the ground. Hitting the totem key just seems to change my direction of travel and does not place a totem.

I almost feel bad, seeing how you spend your holidays providing support for GD… almost. :wink:

Seriously though,you guys are awesome, but please don’t let your dedication to GD ruin your christmas.

I can confirm this same behavior as you leave Fort Ikon heading into the Plains of Dispair. You walk out and there are tons of mob there waiting for you but you cannot drop a totem or wind devil until you are well clear of the walls. I think it is because you are looking through the upper battlements at your character. I need to try rotating the camera to see if this helps.

Thanks a lot good job

I don’t know if it has been reported but it seems that Empowered Omen blueprint don’t work… After “learning” to craft the option simiply doesn’t show up on the list of any blacksmith. Other Empowered blueprints are working normaly (just crafted me a Empowered Defender of Devil’s Crossing)

I don’t know if it may be related to the problem but before acquiring the Empowered version I had the normal version of the Omen blueprint (this one working as intended), and the ingredients on both seems to be the same.

You guys are saints.

I bought in to this with you guys in Oct 2014.

I knew the game was going to be solid, but damn!

A world of difference this past year has made :smiley:

If this game doesn’t score a high 80s - low 90s on Metacritic, I’ll be truly shocked.

Great, great work fellas!

Keep it up!!!

I think this is a larger issue with targeting in that area; I have major problems with Albrecht’s Aether Ray in that location, with the character constantly swinging around to point in some direction other than the direction of the cursor.

On a separate note, have there been some major changes to resistance? I could swear I saw a patch note about reducing resistances, but I just did a Conflagration run, and the Herald of the Flame seems to be completely immune to fire and aether damage now (which it definitely wasn’t a few weeks ago; it always had decent fire and aether resists, but not 100%). Based on actual damage done per tick, it looked like ~97-98% immune to damage from AAR; I’m guessing that means 100% fire resist, 100% aether resist, and ~20% vitality resist. 100% immune to a single damage type is one thing, but multiple immunities types seems a bit harsh, given how few methods we have for reducing resistance, and how strongly the game pushes you to specialize in a small number of damage types (and the caps on player resist values).