[Balance]Energy management for Demolition and Occultist

Subj, both are casters and both have noting to help them with energy strain. Grenadier Pyromancer is curently unpayable.

You should probably ask for advice in the builds forum. It’s easy to make a Pyromancer whose energy bar barely twitches. Not the best idea to do, but it’s super easy. Grenado just got its energy scaling reduced even.

It’s devotions all the way and caster gear with Pyro’s. The 2 classes you brought up do not have any mana gaining or mana reduction skills in their tree.

Which is why Grenadiers go “Sorceror/Elementalist” because they’re much easier to spec. On a side not in Port Valbury there’s a massive a-hole mini boss which drains all my mana and it makes the fight a real pain in the you know what.

A few more options for energy leech in the Devotion tree would be interesting.

Thats what i want. Some extra passive for both of them to help with energy comsuption.
MB extra %energy regen for Ulzuin chosen passive ? and some plain regenon second rite for occultist?

Looks like Crate has granted your wish in the latest hotfix in regards to Ulzuin’s Chosen. They also lowered the cost per Grenado.