Balance / Suggestion / Bugs / Proble

Ok guys first of all i am posting this after about 45h+ playing the game…

First of all, nice work the game is promising but there is a TON of things to do, only to make it really PLAYABLE :

1- Priority

Priority of the settlers need to be reworked, i almost lost a game because my settlers were planting trees instead of repairing their houses… Vitals needs need to be on top of the list.

2- Controls

Come on guys ! We are on 2022, you can’t tell customers that you forgot obvious & vital controls like : BEING ABLE TO MASS SELECT !!! Yeah you can make a box for settlers but you have first to remove soldiers / hunters in the middle of them, while being raided, you are doomed. To tell you what’s killed a 30h+ game right now (linked to the n°1 problem above) i planted a little too much trees and my settlers decided that they’d better be without a home than not accomplishing their mission to plant trees… Ok no problem i ll just remove the 600 trees (400+ pop) i am just trying to plant… First of all you need to plant trees tile by tile (yeah you read right) but better than that, since they are considered as “construction site”, you need to remove them ONE BY ONE, meaning that i ll probably have to triple click (select/demolish/confirm) every single tile… For real ?! Can’t we just d-click and select all building or construction type of the same type ? These kind of things are implemented in any (even low budget) management game since about 20 years… Please do something too for combat controls, no one is auto attacking, you can’t select a zone to attack or anything, you need to box soldiers or settlers (if you can), right click on an intruder, wait for him to flee or die, then click another one (if you find it in the mess), i think these kind of control were added in video game since the first Command & Conquer…

3- Optimization

Starting 200+ pop, any computer start slowly stuttering… Like most game of this type, probably that it can’t handle multi-threading so it’s cool leaving people being able to make a big colony but in fact you just can’t… I am currently at 430+ pop and the game micro freeze every 3 seconds making it unplayable on a 8gb gpu with 32go ram and a good proc.

4- Transport

Definitly need to rework the wagon, actually all they can do is transport minerals / wood / stone back to stockpile and food to temporary shelters, which means there is absolutly no interest trying to get other type of ressources back to your settlement since people will be 99% of the time walking back to the settlement with one settler-stack of ressource… Like any other colony managers game, just make the wagon being able to transport A SELECTED TYPE OF RESSOURCES from a stockpile to another…

5- Balance

Economy right now is a mess, city doesn’t give enough money (far from it) to handle defense. At year 36 on EASY MODE i took a raid of 75+ raiders that decided that my heavily defended fortress with vaults & stockpile wasn’t to their taste… they prefered rampaging the city killing 200+ pop and destroying 80% of the building… AGAIN it’s easy mode and players can’t even place some towers to defend themselves without puting city income into red. On contrario, trading give WAY too much money, from start you can trade T1-T2 ressources and make x50 income in comparaison of your settlement. Food isn’t any indicative too, the decaying system is a mess too, make the building produce less food and give food at least a x3 timer before spoiled… Even with “preservative” (T3) and it’s still not clear nor intuitive.

Like it’s been already said, stone is a problem but NOT AS MUCH AS WOOD IS… When your colony get bigger, managing wood which is a vital ressource (unlike stone) get’s ugly… Your only way to keep sustaining wood for coal/firewood/house & building repair is planting it, or like stone, trading for it.

6- QoL

It’s cool that the game want to be profound & complex, but some of it’s option is close to non-sense and pretty boring… Allowing barn to auto-slaughter past a certain number of herd is a must, being able to have a forestry that ll replant tree in auto mode seems to be a solution too. Having a limited number of tiny veins of iron around the map which, maybe with the correct building or tech give infinite number of iron but on a limited speed could be a real way to improve gameplay. Actually settlers rely on a big number of items just to live & prosper, you can’t tell players that past X number of hour played, their only way to sustain their colony is only by trading, that doesn’t make any sense and completly obliterate any form of gameplay.

ADD an option for notification too, having to constantly watch trading post, waiting for traders to come is vampirising way way way too much fun. Just add a notification for when traders are coming to your city, and make an option to desactivate some of the notification too, because when you got 400+ pop you don’t really care that one of your settler caught a flu…

7- Suggestion

On a balance note, i would make more difference between T1 & T2 road, the difference in speed isn’t enough, i would lower a bit speed on T1 and raise some on T2.

It’s cool thinking about adding things for now we just need fixes (and fast) because the end game is totally unplayable & broken

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