Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal at PAX East

Larian Studios announced they will reveal gameplay footage at PAX East on Thursday the 27th.

Can’t wait to see what they do with this franchise. Love the DOS games.


DoS sits at 96% steam rating.=) I have high hopes for BG3 as well.

havent played any baldur games in the past but Im hoping this gets a much serious tone from the devs . Larian is known to be comedic company ( just look at their logo)… and Divinity Original Sin 2 their latest one ( the only one I played) is full of comedy not that I dont like it… but DOS 2 is one of the best rpgs i played… really good…

so hyped for the gameplay and hopefully a release date.

This Baldur´s Gate will be about Illithids…they win! :upside_down_face:

Not necessarily, for example master of drunk style, monk or psyonic user can win. :wink:

The studio wins…because I will buy it! :rofl:

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could by any chance that Crate would reveal the townbuilder game at PAX.? Baldurs Gate 3 needs some “serious” competition! And Crate of all companies can go toe to toe with Larian! :grin:

No, because they’re not attending it as a company.

ah thats sad. guess its time for Cratecon to become a reality.

The video has been posted on BG3 official website.

It looks more like Divinit:y Original Sin 2.5 than BG3.

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Sorry if I’m mistaken (didn’t watch a lot)… No real-time combat with (auto) pause? :-1:

Real Time with pause defined Baldur’s Gate. If this is ONLY turned based combat why even call it Baldur’s Gate? It’s just a DOS reskinned game then. The stream was a complete disaster today. The 2 Characters die in the first enemy encounter. Easily the most boring combat demo i have ever seen. If they don’t revise the combat system to be Real Time with pause then they forgot what people want from a Baldur’s Gate game.

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I think the turned based decision improves tactical gameplay even more. Dos and dos2 are just great games. I dont really care much that it doesnt do the “same” as the previous parts even though it shares the names. I like the change. I do understand coming from a arpg point of view it is less appealing. Playing solo in a party or with friends having a proper turned based is just much better. It allows the multiplayer element to come through much more strongly. How exactly do you see that with pause? lol. And without pause it just becomes less tactical, less actual teamwork imo.

Not gonna argue, it’s a personal preference. I’ll just say that I think it was in BG, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity and Dragon Age for a reason. I don’t play turn-based games or MP except some couch coop h&s stuff so as you can see there are various types of gamers :wink: turn-base is less immersive, everyone politely doing their things in turns. With scripts and AI I would also attempt to make easier fights proceed automatically and optimally at the same time (as in PoE2 or Dragon Age but I didn’t play them too much so not sure how good it really was).

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hmm, never played dos 1 and 2 i guess. Immersive is also subjective for each player. In a sense with turned based you are much more “in” the game than if you have it in an action. But turned based also allows for very specific actions and to think them over to even discuss them if needed. Combine this with a much larger array of skills and you have basically the building of battles with skills, a whole different para-dime.

Im glad it turned out to be this way! :smiling_imp:

I had zero hopes for that turning out even semi good and still got disappointed.

It is just a DoS 3 with the BG name plastered to it - i dont know from where to start all of it just sits wrong for a BG game, from aestethics, combat, dialog, overall design, combat, camera etc.

Larian just dont have the talent to pull a serious and deep RPG, despite that i like Svens enthusiasm he is just a man-child chasing dreams. Larians best game remains Divine Divinity (one of my all time favourites) followed closely by Divinity 2 Dragon Saga. DoS series has a different target audience unfortunately and i see “BG3” is aimed at that one - fans of DoS and Dragon Age will like it i suppose.
For me its total skip.

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I think you mean action rpg. DoS 1 and 2 are deep rpgs. Dragon age is also not turn based so i don’t understand the comparison there. Also for example DoS and Dragon Age, with dos you have this multiplayer aspect so i don’t think you can say that Dragon Age and DoS are in the same line here. I don’t see how a DoS 3 called BG is a problem tbh.

Really, really undecided.

I love (and played) all the good ol´ games from the SSI-Series/Ultima/Bard´s Tale, which were turn-based.
I really like JRPG (Final Fantasy) which are turn-based (of a kind).
I played Wasteland 2 more than once.

When I read Baldur´s Gate I think about BG I + II, Icewind Dale I + II and Planescape: Torment and they are real-time with pausing, which fits very well for me.

Will BG 3 be a game, that I will play because of the story or are the mechanics more important to me? Can´t say for sure.


No, i mean deep thoughtful gameplay interwined with sufficiently complex ruleset/charcter progression system. I mean a serious and mature setting and story - not the kiddie/juvenile stuff which is DoS 1/2.
Deep and complex characters who make you care and feel like real people.

And no the element interaction while fun for the first hour quickly turns into a pointless gimmick masking the shallow combat.
Not to mention the mobile game level of itemisation + the armor/hp system.

Yes all those work for a game aiming at a more younger generation + consoles - hence not my cup of tea and that of old timers.

DoS games are RPGs as much as is D3 to ARPGs.

Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, BG etc - those are the games which Larian should be looking at if they want to create a real BG3 - what they showed is BG3 just in name and in nothing else (apart of the DnD license).

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