Barely Used

Hi all.

I just recently picked up TQ and IM, and I’m hooked. I am very excited for this game… but that goes without saying.

Say, does anyone else go to the “Media” page and look at that “Coming Soon” picture and think “This looks AWESOME?” I sometimes find myself sitting on that page hitting F5 thinking “hmm, nothing yet… how about… NOW”. Maybe I’m alone on this one…

Welcome to the forums!

I haven’t started hitting the F5 button just yet, I’m going to wait unti they announce that they are getting closer to releasing media first before I start going to that route.


Oooh good plan. I’ll restrain myself a bit more. Time to start hitting F5 in the forums. :wink:

Hehe…I wouldn’t use F5 too much on that page yet…they said like a month or two before any media is revealed.