Barn with 5/0 Cows?

I’m encountering an odd problem with my barns. Barn 1 was about to reach its capacity, so I built an additional barn. Once that was built, I attempted to move half my herd into Barn 2. I thought I’d succeeded, but whenever I tried to set either barn’s grazing space, they both used the same marker. Changing one changed them both. It was at that point that I realized that both barns were marked as having 10/10 cows. Restarting the game did not fix the problem.

I disassembled and moved Barn 1 and that seemed to move all of the cows officially over to Barn 2. I split the herd and the change seemed to take this time. Each barn now has its own grazing space. However, Barn 1 now has “5/0” cows.

I’ll post an update after this game year has ended. I’ll be interested to see if it either resets to 5/10 or decides that it has more cows than capacity and slaughters them all. Hopefully, it’ll be the former.

Update: It did neither, lol. I now have 6/0 cows in Barn 1.

So it appears you somehow managed to have two barns service the same herd of cows. The question is how!

Do you remember what steps you took, from building the second barn, to setting grazing area and transferring? What order things happened in? Anything unusual you may recall? Did you do anything unusual with the first barn?

I built Barn 2 and then attempted to split the herd in Barn 1 into two groups of five. I put five cows into Barn 2 - or tried to. At that point, whenever I tried to set the grazing area of either barn, it was acting like both barns were sharing the grazing area. That’s when I noticed that both barns were showing 10/10 cows.

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