Barrowholm faction and changing loyalties per difficulty

Hey all,

Quick question. I assume I can change my choice of “hostile” with Barrowholm in normal to “friendly” in Elite and Ultimate for their augments like the Outcast correct? Barrowholm operates like all other factions in the game in that the only punishment is rep is reset to 0?

Also, will I be able to talk to Skorv in normal even though I already killed him or will he only be present in Elite and Ultimate where I’m friendly?

Will everyone in the village be friendly now in normal? I’ve never actually changed faction loyalties in 200+ hours so this is new to me. Would love a quick breakdown of how Barrowholm will act in Normal now that I’m friendly with them instead of hostile.

Thanks for the help!

I suppose he will be there on normal again since your reputation will be friendly+

Yes, you can change allegiances same as for the Outcast.