Barrowholm Question

I have played AoM on normal and ultimate with my char. and have “Revered” status with Barrowholm. What happens, if i play AoM on elite and decide to atack them? I want to reach “Nemesis” status with them on Ultimate difficulty, is it possible?

I don’t think you’d get Nemesis status since you’re Revered already. It would take an awful lot of bad feeling to reverse that.

I want to reset my status to hostile and get its nemesis status later.
I mean, I want to kill Reaper of the Lost on max difficulty, not on elite.


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You can go hostile with them on Elite just like you want. I believe this change will also effect other difficulties as well so you won’t be Revered with them on Normal anymore.

Ultimate will again give you the option to continue being hostile or make peace, after that, there is no way to change from one to the other.

B-but i’ve allready finished ultimate. Are you sure?
What will happen to Ravager, will he just dissapear? :rolleyes:

just stay friendly: Remember, Scorv knows best! And his ravager is so much cooler than the other crappy ravager-copycat you’d get from going nemesis with them.

What kind of order did you do things :rolleyes:

I’m not entirely certain but if you’ve already made your choices on Normal and Ultimate that Elite is your last and it will remove the ability to fight Ravager on Ultimate as well.

That’s all i wanted :stuck_out_tongue:
Ravager is ~unreal to kill for most of builds, since 60% DA update and Reaper still has good pants :slight_smile: