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I actually have done it for some a few times upon request… image

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Using your help i try to analyze Grim dawn in order to see new interest to this game cos former (inicial) intererst is over. What can it be ininteligable here for you?!

You can use crowd control skills like Olexra’s Flash Freeze or Ring of Steel, or you move a little bit to make melee units attack but miss you, or you dodge projectiles, but for the most part you need to be able to sustain damage. For that you need Defensive Ability, Resistances, Health, Armor, Armor Absorption, Damage Absorption, Block Chance / Recovery, Evasion - so there is a lot.

If you do not kill enemies before they kill you, you need panic buttons, which protect or heal you. It’s up to you to find the proper balance.

just curious. staglaitor, what class are you playing and what enemies that gives you sooo much trouble that you start this thread, asking for tactics on how to avoid/kite enemies? if you can answer my question, others will understand your problem more clearly.

How can i avoid enemy’s hits?
Kiting, leaping are already known by me

You can’t exactly avoid enemy hits other than by not getting hit.

Other than simply moving out of the way, you can increase your dodge/evade chance and increase your Defensive Ability (enemies will still have 60% chance to hit you even if you have 1million DA)

But if you just want better survivability on your character, upload it to Grimtools Calculator and paste the link to it here. Different builds use different tactics.

Is someone cleaning up the thread in realtime or am I being possessed by Dreeg?

Yes, to the former and propably yes to the latter, too.




Mods actively delete replies they find rude on many threads, not just this. I’ve been hit by it a few times too :slight_smile:

@OP, you must have seen it already. Grim dawn isn’t mostly a game of mechanical skill. It’s a game of stats. The best way to not die is to get enough stats. Your skill still matters especially since enemy attacks are repetitive but no skill will save a bad build.

So yeah, powbam is right on the use your brains part. Try making your build better, and then familiarize boss attacks so you know what to do.

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It’s all those eyes you know. :rofl:

Staglaitor, assuming you’re talking about the build you posted then you already have Mark of the Traveller on your boots so can’t see you rejecting the advice given later. Plus there are probably other items in the game too which will give you more movement speed, you’re not restricted to just that one component.

If you insist on going into Crucible or Shattered Realm which is where I assume you’re talking about, welll don’t go in there. Same with the rogue-like dungeons, don’t enter them. None are obligatory for the main campaign.

Eye see :thinking:


Btw, @OP, Earlier mentioned easy to play build where you don’t have to even avoid getting hits for most stuff: Drunken Fwuffy - Retaliation Warlord

If you want more specific advice regarding your own build, the site incase you haven’t found it already:


The button in the red circle lets you upload the char straight from the save file
The button in the green circle gives you the link you can then copy/paste here

Yes, I am aware that neither is in a circle…

Dogde and Evade can help one bitt to.
there are some josfull staff in this topic Avoid melee attacks

high defecive abiliti and offesiv abiliti removal from monster can also give you smaller likelihood to get hitted. The capping is 60% thoogh

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enemy mobility debuffs don’t work in grim dawn. Neither does avoiding enemy attacks through positioning. Enemies ignore positioning and all forms of attempts to stun/freeze/root them. You can slightly reduce damage taken by not standing in pools, and sometimes stepping away, but it’s not a solution. True mobility doesn’t exist outside of act 1 or mods.

1). If nothing helps, run.
2). If running is not enough, don’t play at all. This is a 100% hit avoidance. :grava_yes:

I beg to differ. Other games may put more emphasis on the latter, but if tactical movement did not work, my death counter would be higher. And the former has its use, too.

So you can’t escape from Kuba pools or avoid Lucius meteors?

Tactical movement works sometimes, when you know boss patterns.

The only time dodging with movement is somewhat hard is in high SR and Gladiator Crucible. And that’s because you fight several dangerous enemies at once.

In the main campaign? You can literally dance around bosses and they will barely touch you. For an example, i killed Ultimate Ramzul with Fire AAR Sorc and he never touched me once. The only thing that touched me were the storm traps on the arena.

When people complain that they can’t avoid a lot of the damage in the game, just tells me they are blaming the game instead of blaming their poor piloting skills. I have mediocre piloting skills and i can dodge a lot of damage by just moving around.

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When I posted this build, I felt that some movement skills could be looked at.

I still feel “Disengage” serves no purpose in game. Leaping out of combat causes enemies to charge at you and at times “makes matters worse”. I’m not going to get into that right now as I’ve said my piece in the past.

The only true way to deal with heavy hitters is to continuously kite by having them miss then turn around and attack. So yes, piloting skills are important.

Reaper is actually pretty dangerous and leads to a lot of WTF moments if you try and facetank him. Aside from his charge levels he can reduce your DA by 425 which means his next attack is gonna hurt like hell. I keep myself one character space away when fighting him. To be honest I’m not sure how powerful he is on SR 71, haven’t bothered checking.

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