Before I risk death how do I cross the Immolation?

Hi guys,

Since my character hasn’t died yet I don’t really want to risk a blind run.

Is it possible to cross the immolation to the mine with a combo of healing skills or are there rest points along the way?


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There’s a rest point about halfway, with a bunch of manticores. With the movement skills added in FG this is now much easier, not that it was difficult before.

You should use aether cluster before crossing it, and maybe another one after halfway. Damage absorption makes it at least non-suicidal.

You can cross that area,but is risky with just health potions.Is better if you have healing skills or circuit breakers is much easier.But every area with ground damage,have safe spot,where you can recuperate and wait for CD of your potions/skills.

you can also check videos if you want.