Beginner 2h melee fire build

I’ve been browsing forums for around and hour now and i cant find any demolitionist 2h melee fire based build. It can be a hybrid 2h melee/caster. But i want to focus more on melee. I want my main mastery to be Demolitionist obviously, but i cant brainstorm anything.

Most of the builds in the compediums are gear dependant.

I never got to the point of endgame so i dont have any gear.

Could someone suggest a build? Cause me sitting here looking at hundrets of topics got me to the point of mild frustration and impatience :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard, 2H melee is not in that great shape since you will have so low attack speed…

Have you checked my builds here for something similar? ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

The “Skaterbreaker” you “can” use 2H with, but then you wont fully convert the physical damage to fire…

Fire EoR I have tried with budget builds, but it wont cut it compared to sword and shield warlord due to the lower attack speed.

Beginner 2H Fire you say? Hm hmm…perhaps will do one day.

Blazerush Elementalist? I have not pay attention, probably is it too expensive to craft.But at least recipe is faction.

Gear is a pretty high dependency at the end of this game…maybe 80+%. Ultimate difficulty.

But are you asking for something that will simply get through normal/veteran with one class(demo) and 2H fire style?

Or is your intention to grind for a build that will take you to the end of Ultimate and be a gear grinder, etc? And if this, you probably want an additional class to improve the performance.

yea i saw that build, since everyone seems to be rolling their eyes, what about a caster Blackwater Cocktail, Canister bomb build? I really dig fire… I have tried this, it was ok.

You will love my Fire Paladin, watch the video I have for it and see if can be any fun.

Or, wait a few days for my fire skater shieldbreaker guide, watch video and see if that seems fun too.
(it has basically same leveling as Fire Paladin, Oathkeeper - Vires might and guardians so you dont have to decide yet basically, just go full Oathkeeper until level 50 or so which will take you a couple of days)

Looks sick, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

you will basically have two explosion skills. rune of kalastor and meteor shower from devotions. and then you throw a burning shield :stuck_out_tongue:

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