Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

What does anyone even want for defiler 1st char anyway? :rofl: all synergy for it come from non faction items :rofl:

Because it sounds cool!

Fire Skeletons or vit cocktail should probably make a decent beginner Defiler. Or be like “just farm gargabol’s pistols” :smiley:

just get them

nice joke!

As someone who has tried making Demo work for Fire pets in the past, I’m personally against it - way too squishy for the player and relying on Blast Shield/Mark with no passive damage absorption was way too scary to play with :sweat_smile:.

I don’t even know where to go with budget Defiler. Best option I can think of would probably have to be Fire Bone Harvest + Fire Strike w/ DW Riftclaw Slicers which sounds like a meme in itself. I guess you can replace a Slicer later on with Blazeheart and craft a Mark of Burning Shadows but it’s not gonna work well at end game.

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Maybe just general Fire Demo with BWC
RE used as a proccer / damage reduction if needed (optionally convert Vit to Fire with Slicers)
and use Blightlord in the endgame?

I may do defiler in the distant future. I think it’s much better than people think (but doesn’t have much variability).

Namely the vitality caster defiler has a lot of support. this is a sketch before farming Dark One (belt is an MI too, can use green belt instead. I don’t know why does my sketch has prime ring of morgoneth in it, any ring will work really) and after finishing the MI farm a build becomes a monster (well, a monster by beginner/defiler standards)

In the endgame you can play vitality bligtlord, there are a few builds like that on the forum.

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One hand Fire BH isn’t a thing. I tried. Blazehearts weapon damage is not enough to deal good damage with Bone Harvest. But it’s possible to play DW Fire Melee, you get 1 Blazeheart with every character, as second weapon it’s possible to use Kilrian Skullbreaker. Ordas belt will provide some aether>fire conversion. Okaloth’s Visage also can be farmable for FS modifier. And with second character you get second Blazeheart. So it’s possible to make DW melee FS Defiler as first build but won’t be the easiest.

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When in doubt, vit casters out :sleeping:


Yup good strategy. Fill WH and Reaper classes blanks with Phantasmal Blades :wink:

But Defiler is what 6th best combo for vitality caster? I don’t know. But there are equally bad classes for beginners.

Aether side of Defiler could also have possibilities thinking about it some more. Wouldn’t be hard to do Drain Essence with a Hex Launcher and Demo for the huge RR on Mines/BWC + casting speed. Not the best choice for Aether DE but it works which is a plus for Defiler :joy:.

I keep trying to think of ways to make Aether Fire Strike work but Fire/Chaos->Aether conversion on budget gear is so limited/non-existant. Could just go with Fleshwarped Strikes instead but then I feel like Defiler is missing out on a ton of flat damage it can’t fully convert in both masteries so it’s just picking at scraps. For Fire version, but this will definitely the second part of the process I don’t remember how you get the seal of the void blueprints so didn’t use it; and don’t know how it will be the completely beginner version excluding some hard to get MI’s. I’m actually making a Fire Defiler for end-game rn, a little bit different take than previous build. But first I made it to try Vitality FS with melee, it was a disaster… :rofl:

Fire defiler, so hot right now

I did try one and even with great stats, it’s horribly squishy and clunky (too much utility, 0 cast speed), Roman advised me to try 2p vanquisher (for more aether>fire) and ravager help for +skills, but honestly that build is discouraging. As to play a budget version of that ? eww

I found a way to make it tankier and simpler without sacrificing damage. Though still there are 5 skills in rotation excluding movement rune and FS and MoT. Trying to get an MI with more OA so I don’t have to use flashbang except fumble/aim debuff in boss rooms, one less skill :smiley:

@Ulvar1 probably will kick us(Split the posts) after midnight since we hijacked the thread again since he wanted this place to be sanctum of beginners so they learn in tranquillity.


SSF fire skeleton Defiler playthrough incoming in 2k21.


I actually did Defiler in the past. Only reason you don’t have one now is I managed to RIP at 87 against Ramzul. But it was a silly easy build to play, only lacking sustain a bit perhaps. It was fire :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll remake it in 2021.


Would probably be similar to a dervish I guess. Except you probably want to farm Pusquil’s tail or Rift scourge slicers for leveling and then Rashalga for endgame.

At least you are talking about builds and not reddit as last time kekw

@eardianm what you think about this as budget ranged build? (one can also use Fettan mask to begin with and perhaps too much DA for your taste) its some kind of miniversion of this build [] Acid Ranged Dervish - 5:50 Crucible [g5][c+][vid]

and for anyone interested, a Commando sketch with the new MI 2H sword

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I levelled a Witch Hunter with that rifle around a year ago and recall finding it really easy personally. As soon as you get the rifle, it has insanely good AoE clear for crowds and took care of Bosses quickly during the early//mid levels and at an ok-ish speed during Ultimate. Your budget version looks solid as well.

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