Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

Both good and not what I’m looking for as I don’t consider ABB an AA replacer for what most people are looking for with gun play in this game

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But you can make RF Dervish and ABB just for LA and/or as nuke. But that probably requires the purple gun.

Also possible I guess is cold Bero+ABB Infiltrator (tpm build?), PS Vindicator is also decent with that MI crossbow.

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I dont think ppl that starts playing GD even know what AA replacers and WPS etc are :slight_smile: They just want something that is fun and easy to play and make :slight_smile: At least I had a great time making that ranged ABB WH char back in the days. That was also before FG and all these new “power creep” mechanics like affix bias etc

Added Dragons PB reaper [] Beginner's To-Be-Named Reaper I know its WIP but just in case I forgot to add when its complete :stuck_out_tongue:

Added stun jacks + storm box purifier [] Beginner Storm Box + Stun Jacks Purifier from scratch

Edit: added [] Beginner’s Sparky Elementalist

Eddit: added [ -] Budget dw ranged pierce Paladin


I think I came up with a rather interesting budget Rutnick setup that eerily makes sense. I want to make it my next character.

28 sec dummy time on the prototype :heart_eyes:


Sound promising, hope build also can survive other foes than target dummy :wink:

No promises :rofl:



Added [] Beginner’s Fire Blade Arc Commando COMMANDO!!!


here i was expecting phys fw leveling… and then i see the title of “Fire Blade Arc”:no_mouth: - colour me intrigued


If you happen to drop a good Sunherald weapon with casting speed instead, I am sure one can do a pretty decent Fire FW build too :slight_smile:

Added [] Pure Soldier [HC] Beginner Forcewave 1-75 Leveling Guide + Endgame Options and Class Combos as the first mono class entry


Added [] Budget S&B Physical Battlemage

Edit: added [] Budget Alkamos’ Scythe Cold Cadence Blademaster

Edit: added - Budget Physical Cadence S&B Warlord and The Budget Brigade: Ritualist Aether Pets starter build


How would you ssf-level Physical Vindicator :wink: ? I think I would get Viper Sandspitters on Korvan Plateau but I would love
to play with Cesarin’s Conviction but I don’t think you can get it reliably (by farming Totems / Crucible at low level for example).

Sandspitter gunner is probably the most sane way of going about it.

I suppose you could also use a single Sandspitter and Korvan Spaulders for 80% Elemental->Physical conversion if you wanted to try something like Physical FoI. But good luck with building skill ranks to it. Legionnaire’s Rebuke looks like it would fit extremely well here allowing you to sub the Korvan shoulders for the +3 to FoI ones from Log but like Cesarin’s Conviction, it’s a random drop. Later on Beronath, Reforged just straight up covers the conversion for you.

Probably not what you’re going for but pets is an option. Briarthorn + Primal Spirit already do Physical and Bleed damage, Devouring Swarm does Bleed RR and Physical with the Korvan Casque. Zaria’s Pendant/Bloodsworn Codex/Wendigo Gaze are givens for a significantly buffed Briarthorn. Plenty of room to support them with Word of Renewal, Seal, Wendigo Totem for constant heals and Primal Bond.

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New beginner builds move to the OP.


Did Ulvar leave? :open_mouth:

Well, he’s not been seen for a while.


Added Budget 2-handed ranged “The Desolator” Fire Strike Fire Purifier (Fire)(Purifier)(The_Coyote)


As a returning played (I last stopped at the end of the base game, perhaps around the time Crucible DLC was being talked about) I really appreciate this compilation since my main character isn’t exactly easy to gear because he is a spellbreaker.

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