Beginner needs class build advice


I am completely new to Grim Dawn. I have a lot of ARPG experience from playing Diablo I-III. But to be honest, I am a bit overtaxed by the amount of class combinations and builds.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • a good beginner’s build that is capable for endgame
  • no gunslinger
  • no pure caster
  • no pure pet focus (although a pet is no disqualifying criterion)
  • melee/caster build that has good alround abilities.
  • the build shouldn’t have high item requirements (as I just started playing GD).

Any suggestions? Would be glad!

Thanks in advance!

Hi lkwpeter. I know where you’re coming from. Lots of possibilities in this game and this forum tends to focus on high end min/maxed builds (not so newbie friendly). If you haven’t already, check the New Player Knowledge Compendium for some advice. As far as builds go, since you don’t want pure caster, check out Stupid Dragon’s 2H Lightning Elementalist. I think that fits all your criteria.

What is your “Endgame”? Only Campaign or do you want Crucible DLC on the hardest mode?

Thanks for your answers!

Endgame for me means beating the game on hardest difficulty modes. I know it’s hard to find a build that suits this without having any items yet (a lot of builds require decent items).

That’s why a first recommendation concerning ehat classes to pick or a good starting build/guide that fits my play style is all I am asking for.


If you want to beat Crucible DLC on hardest mode, you can look up a lot of builds in the special thread only for these builds.

Otherwise there is the Build Compendium VI where every build can beat the main campaign.

My advise is to enjoy the game with your own creations at the start. Experiment. No build you make right now, even ones following a guide, are going to be strong. Not until you get good gear, or even fair gear.

My opinion is the game is best enjoyed on your own until you either get frustrated, burnt out, or en general, realize you are losing interest. At which point, go to the forums and get new ideas on how to build a character.