It’s a field when editing creatures. The modding manual says “berserkSkillName tells the monster to use this skill when it berserks.”

Anyone have any idea what this is?

Low HP threshold perhaps? Not sure.
Lol@ that vague description though.

I assume related to records\skills\itemskills\item_beserk.dbr

Increased attack speed and cast speed at a cost of reduced elemental and physical resists.

It tells a monster to use the assigned skill when it is low on health. It pairs with lowHealthTriggerLevel, which is a percent entered as 0-100.

Ah thank you Zantai for the correction! I’m going to be playing with NPC and pets quite a bit so I appreciate the clarification very much.

I have not made any NPC yet, but does anyone know if you can also apply the “berserk” status to a summon?

That could be useful!

thank you zantai!!!

that is good to know, thank you Zantai!
if possible, please document more such descriptions to the templates, please.