Best amulet for AAR?

Hey, I wanted to have your advice on which amulet is the best for AAR in terms of damage and life leech between:

  • Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn (
    “55 Aether Damage to Albrecht’s Aether Ray
    4% of Attack Damage converted to Health to Albrecht’s Aether Ray
    -8% Skill Energy Cost to Albrecht’s Aether Ray”

  • Conduit of Arcane Whispers ( with the affix
    “24% Weapon Damage to Albrecht’s Aether Ray
    20% Slower target Movement for 1 Second to Albrecht’s Aether Ray”

The weapon damage on the Conduit seems good to be able to use ADCtH but I don’t know if it is better than the 4% of ADCtH of the Essence?

  • the weapon damage on Conduit is 24% thus with Clairvoyant’s wand dealing 35-45 Vitality Damage and 35-45 Aether Damage it gives at best (45+45)*0.24 = 21,6 extra damage which is less than the extra damage from the Essence, but I don’t know if we can compute it directly like that…

Imho it really depends on the details of the build wich necklace suits the character better. When you already have good sustain (for example because you use the new clairvoyants set and a pulsing shard) i would go for the conduit, simply because it has hp and resists on top of the dps. On the other hand if you build for full aether conversion, using a fleshwarped tome and other conversion items (e.g. diviners head + chest) and lack in sustain, i would go for the Essence otGD. For Leech EotG is usually going to be better. You would need to get 17-18% base adctH for the conduit to leech the same amount. (If you get something like 12%, wich seems not unreasonable, you still get almost 3% effective leech with the conduit though). Unfortunately i’m not sure about the damage formula of %weapon dmg added vs flat damage added myself :frowning: . 24% sounds like a lot, but you very well might be right, that 55 flat is better.

Just wait for sir spanksalot to make a 2H AAR build with the %WD conduit :slight_smile:

Seriously though, as tweedledee mentioned, it depends on your build needs: the conduit is more damage oriented, Essence is more defensive/utility oriented.

And you can play with the only item in the game that is named “Grim Dawn”.

If there is no off-hands requirement for AAR, I will definitely use Temporal Arcblade.:smiley:

Is he gonna do that or you joking,because FoI build?Chaos version with DG can work with conduit,for aether there are better amulets.Edit AAR sadly works with off-hand only,dissatisfying.

I doubt anything is as effective as the conduit now.

Don’t just look at aar bonuses, the conduit has +3 max res which I think is equivalent to 15% absorbtion (except for physical damage)

For an AAR Mage Hunter, consider the Aetherbolt Pendant which gives +6 max elemental resists, -10% lightning and aether shred to Storm Box, and 100% fire to lightning conversion for AAR, on top of +1 Inquisitor and various other bonuses.

Yea, this is the only amulet for the only AAR build.

yeah indeed the other bonuses of the conduit are quite good as well in fact :slight_smile: thanks for your advice, I will try to craft it now aha!