Best build so far

As the title says I’m looking to get your opinions on what you think is the best build overall on this update. I think enough time has passed for us to ask this question for this patch. What do you think?

Witchblades are still #1 imo.

Savagery Elementalist second.

Various CT builds here, be they Sorc or Warlock.

Pretty much any non-Trickster Nightblade here.

Just about anything else.

hmm, i take issue with that:D especially after nerfs. Cadence commando is very strong

S&B WB, commando, BM, there is not much difference.

2H savagery elementalist is strong, but not stronger than DW elementalist, saboteur, not to mention DW BM.

Also CT casters are not any better than PB casters, DEE WH or vitality conjurer.
Im undecided about AAR warlock atm (leveling one we will see).

All to all it comes to personal preferences. Personally I wouldn’t trade any of those for my DW BM, but that’s just me.