Best caster build atm?

Like the title says, does anyone know which caster build(s) is the strongest atm? And are the melee builds that much stronger atm?

You could try yourself and find out? The general consensus atm is BWC is a good caster build with fast clear speed with all of the RR it can stack, so there is that, Pblade is a good build still, PRM works good as well… Dreeg is pretty solid… etc, there is more, a bunch more, but I digress… they are all builds that work decently well, its not a competitive game, I wouldn’t worry about what is the “Best” but what is the most enjoyable for you.

BWC sure is not best but fire/burn is the new meta we can say.

Maybe i should ask for a build that is not heavily end game item dependent, DEE? An arcanist combo build?

Throw Feces Caster build rocks

Caster builds are all gear dependent as you have to take them deep into their ultimate levels.

Quick Jacks Elementalist w/ light defenders set is really strong
BWC Sorcerer w/ Infernal Knight set (think that’s the name) is really strong

i think that’s the two more powerful atm, but Infernal Knight has the advantage of being less gear dependent, because you got an Elite tier set which can fill the holes while you strive towards IK’s set. second are CT Sorc, Dreeg WH and Aether/Chaos Warlock i guess.

CT sorcerer/Battlemage
DEE Witch Hunter
Jack-off Elementalist
Phantasmal Blades Chaos/Vitality Witch Hunter
Phantasmal Blades Freezing Spellbreaker
Winter King’s Might Shotgun-breaker
Obsidian Tremor Shotgun-Mancer
Physical Forcewave Commando/Witchblade
Pierce Forcewave Blademaster

I know they kinda gear dependent but what i meant was a build that can be easily played while leveling… AAR is realy tough to level for example… but it seems that the Jack-off Elementalist seems really strong and quiet nice to level… thanks guys

The one’s i listed should fit that category save for CT which i think isn’t easy w/o gear

Most casters level fairly easily. The issue is they tend to struggle in the end-game, although the recent patches may have finally knocked melee builds off of their throne.

Casters never struggled in end-game

I do agree Casters might have been inferior to LMB in end-game but Casters were always overpowered

That being said i won’t bother explaining why this opinion of casters being weak is incorrect so i will change the topic
I personally would like to see a little extra gear for Forcewave, feels like the most neglected skill in the entire game. :undecided:

That is for a fairly wrong. It took quite a while for them to get even remotely compeditive with melee builds. We’ve seen patch after patch of nerfs to melee builds with patch after patch of buffs to caster builds. Only now are caster builds starting to outpace melee builds. Casters practically have always been forced into pure defensive specs with iskandra set just to handle being a “caster” until recently. Before the upgrade for DoTs to interact with crit chance, DoT casters were pretty weak. It took until the most recent rework to Devastation for it to not be a trash skill. AAR only just recently become fairly viable. PRM still has issues.

About the only caster skill that hasn’t been weak for the longest time is Phantasmal Blades, and that is heavily thanks to it’s 180% weapon damage scaling with 12% build in ADCtH when maxed out. Shy of that and vit-cons casters have struggled for much of the game’s “recent” history. Recent being up until about the summer of 16, where we finally started to see significant buffs to casters that started opening up the viable caster pool ultimate.

No mention of Chaos/Vitality AAR? :thinking:

Weird I’ve been making casters that have destroyed ultimate with ease since b30 (and I’m only average at making builds). Very rarely did I go defensively before b1.0.0.7

Only issue casters had were they hit a dry spell after maxing the skill but before getting gear with + to the skill. This is where melee had a huge advantage as long as they found weapon upgrades. But casters have always been strong at end game, some melee were just too strong so it made people think casters suck.

I can recommend this one, I use it with the IK set and it’s hilarious. Hard to see what happens on screen sometimes :smiley:

If you play multiplayer games, you can try:

The ground damage build: Sigil+Blackwater Cocktail.
Once your teammates have taken the attention of the monsters, you fry them with fire+burn+chaos attacks. Your main threat will be quick and chargers enemies. Be ready to run a lot.

The storm druid: Shards+Flash freeze+Lightning Storm (Squall)+Wind devil+Ice Spike+Wind Devil+Storm Totem+all devotions based on cold and lightning.
Your main threat will be cold and freeze resistant enemies. Your teammates will have to be ready to have their screen full of white and blue effects.

If you play solo:

The bomber: Grenado+Canister Bomb+Devastation+Meteor (Annihilation)+Apocalypse (Herald of the Apocalypse)+Fireblast (Flintcore Bolts)

The magical attack spammers: Dreeg Evil Eye or Panetti Missile. Resident Evil’s Splash splash splash or Star Trek’s Pew pew pew.

I wholeheartedly recommend a ct warlock solid as a rock:rolleyes:

tanky, spammy, hits like a truck (trucky?)

or DEE WH/WL for hit and run playstyle, squishy but crit DoT 100k++

Ok thanks for all the answers guys, last question: which build would you recommend for playing with a tanky duo… so a build that is also quiet nice to play while leveling and doesnt hit a wall needing items but hits hard??