Best Hard Drive For Gaming?

I have a pretty good rig . GTX 580, i7 950 processor, 12 GB memory But my seagate 1 TB hard drive lets me down.*

Can I get some feedback on what Hard Drives are good for loading times, Bootup. But also just practically good for gaming . Price range not a problem but Not over say $600 thank you*

If you don’t have it already, SSD is what you want. I don’t have any personal favorites, but I’ve got a mushkin (500 gb) and an intel (120 gb), only cost me 100$ each when I got em. Intel is a couple years old, mushkin might be a little over one year old.

Crucial MX300 SSD for around 90-100.

Thanks for help guys.

Someone gave this URL and have pretty nice reviews on it. Bought WD My Book :slight_smile:

Looking forward to receive it soon.

In modern world HDDs are for archive (and other big files) storage, and SSDs are for systems, software, games, etc. I’m on SSD from 2009 and will never come back to HDD :wink:

Erm…all of that is out of date. Especially the gtx 580 which won’t meet min requirements of newer games. You would benefit a lot more from addressing at least your GPU. Forget about your HDD though it’s probably ancient old too. If you really want fast boot time and a snappy OS, get a SSD.

I second this, you should replace the GPU, get a 1060 min, if you get a 1060, you will see a big difference. I’m also using an SSD, in fact I have two, and internal 250 one, and an external shadow mini, that is 480 gig, I use a 1gig normal HD for gaming, or install some games on the external SSD, and leave the internal for the OS.

I would highly recommend getting one SSD if not two.
One for your system, and one for your games. That way if for any reason your system breaks you won’t have to reinstall/redownload all your games again.

SSD all the way. My biggest regret is cheaping out and only getting a 128GB one which can’t fit all of my games.

I would say that having a 250 gig min for an SSD is a good choice, but they have come down in price, you can go for an external one, which is a bit more expensive, but the shadow mini is a great drive,

had mine for a while now, awesome drive, the cable is a bit short, but stick the usb calbe at the back USB slots and have the drive on top of the case. its sell powered and plug in and enjoy, also has a great speed, not quite as fast as the sata models, but still, fast enough.

Ah good call. Thanks for the tip!