Best investment split between physique + cunning for melee 2 hander

Hi guys,

Playing 2H melee and now lvl 25. Invested all stat points in physique so far but I’m now staring to miss simliar lvl monster to the point it effecting my kill speed quite a lot!

What’s the idea ratio between investment of physique + cunning normally for melee? I play solo.


In my opinion, 100% into Physique.

You get 4 Offensive Ability per Attribute Point spent in Cunning. That equates to somewhere around <0.2% hit chance - its a little funkier now that the OA-hitchance ratio isn’t perfectly linear anymore. You also only get 2.64% Physical Damage and 2.4% Pierce Damage (additive with other sources) per Attribute Point spent in Cunning. Neither of these benefits are worthwhile.

Enough points to put on the gears without buff, then put all points to physique

For accuracy I believe it is now 0.36% per point, which would make it 2,88% per point spend (they buffed spirit and cunning).