Best multiclass for Gate to Many Worlds? (and other pet questions)

Hello there pet lovers! I just got GtMW and I think this is the most fun item out of the new totem legendaries. Which class fits best with this item?

The item pushes you to include Arcanist as one of the classes but aside from IEE, arcanist doesn’t seem to have anything else going for it for pets. Conjurer with elemental pets looks like the best fit with all the pets and pet passives this class offers.

Other pet questions:

  1. Why do most pet builds these days bind offensive devotions to pets? (ie. Leviathan to familiar) Do devotions bound to pets scale with pet damage instead of player damage?

  2. Even if the answer to #1 is yes, pet damage usually scale up to +1000% dmg compared to player based damage scaling from +2000% to +3000% dmg. Does this mean that devotions bound to pets will always be weaker compared to devotions bound to players with appropriate build?

  3. If the answer to #2 is yes, why invest in half-baked devotions at all? The idea is that even weak devotion procs still contribute to DPS right? And its also because after taking Shepherd and Bysmiel, there’s almost no other pet constellations near Mogdrogen that you can grab?

Conjurer for Gate. Arcanist is terrible for pets.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Refer to (2)

Errm could you please expound why its a no on #2? If the devotions are scaled to pet damage, why are they not weaker than player-scaled equivalents. I’ve laid out my assumptions on bonus damage in #2 so corrections would be welcome.


  • Pet dmg easily gets to 2000% and while the player’s bonus dmg is usually specific to a type, pets get +% all dmg, which means you can use procs of different dmg types without worry.
  • you can get much more OA and Crit on Pets than players
  • More proc rate depending upon which skill or pet it is bound to (as you can have multiple pets)
  • Pets in addtion to +% all dmg can also have +% dmg to specific types

It is more than just looking at particular pieces and only becomes clearer when you look at the whole puzzle. Eg: Resistance reduction is important and these procs also come with a bit of dmg, like Elemental Storm from Rhowan’s Crown.


OP’s confusion is because pet stats on the second page chat sheet are a bit fuck-off-like. The selection of stats displayed there is nowhere near complete nor does it paint a complete picture of the state of your pets. The damage stat only includes is “all damage” bonuses. Specific types are not displayed. So %chaos from DG or %lightning from Void belt or Mog shoulders are not there. %elemental or %fire from occultist pet auras are not there. %acid from Ghol is not there.

Probably somewhere in the early stages of development it was decided that pets be a fringe thing only deserving a dozen lines in the char sheet. And so it stayed. Ironically, retal got a whole page nearly.

Anyways, I wrote a feedback that specific types, from the lack of room, could be displayed in the popup when hovering over the all dmg stat. Never happened.

Oh, the question… Gate is made for druids, warlocks, etc. but playing pets with arcanist is only a slight upgrade from single class (btw I always wondered why arcanist has no pets of his own - elementals or sth like that). I’d say conjurers feel most at home with elemental.

  1. such devos are taken because pets lack AoE so a Whirlpool or Blizzard is always a welcome addition.

These are very good responses to question #2. Thanks @Maya @ya1! Conjurer with Gate it is.

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