Best no conversion builds?

I like to play solo self found, so the idea of assembling multiple piece sets in order to rely on conversions isn’t particularly practical. Looking for builds to work towards that are decent end game, and also possible to level (as that’s where I spend the bulk of my time).

One of the big problems I have with GD, is that I always seem to hit a wall around level 65-70. Elite Malmouth is usually the start of the trouble, even if I build characters with max resists, decent hit points etc.

I’ve got a bout 450 hours into the game, and usually end up starting a new character once the game gets too grindy and spiky in damage. I’d love to have a character that I could try and push past this roadblock I seem to have with solo self found. I’ve had pretty good success with various primal strike builds, various necro/pet builds etc, just looking for something that does especially well in that elite/ultimate malmouth environment.


Physical is a very safe bet and tanky. Death knight or Witch Blade. You do need a plan come late elite

Physical seems to be the most reliable non-conversion damage source in my experience. There’s even some rarer conversion that supports it if you find something like an Avenger’s Crusher or a Mythical Beronath: Reforged. The problem with physical is, of course, armor. If you really hate the idea of physical or sword and board play, you can try something else but I would say you should try a physical cadence Witchblade. Something like this in end game gear:

It’s a simple idea that has been solid since many patches ago and doesn’t call for any conversion at all. You hit hard with cadence and zip around with blitz while using warcry and curse of frailty to debuff enemies. I’ve built it with only purples and blues, but you can use yellows or greens if they fill in your resists (especially chaos, since this build is slightly lacking in that department) or give other needed bonuses

While you’re levelling you’ll want to ensure that you boost cadence and blitz enough to kill quickly. ASAP, grab a point in occultist to get curse of frailty and max it, cast it all the time. You can hold off on getting blood of dreeg until you feel comfortable with your damage output from soldier skills, but the sooner you get it the more likely your death count will stay at 0. When you do get it, also get overguard, as the two synergize well.

Hope this is helpful to you and happy monster slaying. :smiley:

Skip elite AoM content and go straight to ultimate after killing Log. Ultimate acts 1 thru 4 are easier than elite act 5+
You can always go back to finish elite after leveling some and getting better gear in ultimate

Thanks a ton for the replies! I think the one build I’ve never taken to at least mid Elite is probably a phys build, I’ll give it a shot.

As far as leveling goes, I usually do go to ultimate more or less after I’ve finished log in elite. I keep trying to make builds that do well in post log elite, and I’ve got a few that are pretty good. My most recent vindicator /primal strike build is actually really good, and has done as well as anything really. I think I just don’t like how the game is set up in terms of damage jumps, experience gained, and Malmouth. No matter what I seem to do, I end up about 7-8 levels too low for Malmouth.

Thanks again for the advice! These boards are a great source of info, and I’ve been reading them for years. As many hours as I’ve sunk into this game, there is always more to learn.

P.S. The thing that seems to stop me all the time on phys /soldier builds, is the lack of big AOE. GD is kind of annoying, in that 95% of the fights, really respond well to as big as possible AOE setups. I have a ton of builds that can AOE clear like a champ, but fall down on single target. My primal strike builds are probably the closest to being good all rounders in that regard. Looking at skills that are 3 target maximum sort of puts me to sleep leveling wise, but I’ll give it another go.

Are you filling out your gear with components and augments to round out damage/toughness?

That allows you to go a bit more aggressive on gear usually. Also search the item database in grimtools for the skill or damage type you use and it might tell you some good MI/Epics/Legendaries you can farm.

I don’t do this enough, good suggestion, thanks!

This. This was my first Ultimate killer and my first Crucible Champion pre-nerf to DA and even after. Its still my go-to when I have a “problem” I need to get rid of, like farming certain super bosses. Its pretty fun but your finger hurts after a couple billion cadences.

Lightning and poison also seem to work really well and are easily doable.