Best semi-passive pet build for farm endgame items

I’m looking for a Best semi-passive pet build for farm endgame items for other chars
Nights pet it’s very skilled build for me atm and I’m looking for other pet build but I don’t know what to do.
Sorry for my English but it’s not my native language.

Tanky Conjurer Pet Build

Yes, I know I’m showcasing my own build, but if you want a passive pet build, this one has the defenses to take on anything you can think of. The Crucible build in that post was built and tested with 100-150 Gladiator in mind, and since that build has overcapped Aether and Chaos resistances for your pets, it can run through any of the rogue dungeons + AoM content - including all of the Nemeses - with ease.

Rogue dungeons are good for getting multiple Legendary items, depending on how many materials you have to make the Skeleton Keys in the first place. Find a farming spot and I doubt there’s anything this build won’t be able to do.