Best Warlock build with BIS?

I tried to make work Zars build however in i am getting wrecked and the lack of -RR and very low level of OA makes me hate casters.

Tried his advice to take Time dilation instead of Tree and couldnt be more disappointed (Time Dilation in general sucks imo…).

Anyone can advice - can i turn my Warlock in a fun-o-wrecking machine? Or should i just stick to blademasters :slight_smile:

I think that you can if you go BF transmuted AAR.
This is something I just leveled up, and it would require a bit more polishing. Constant auras and ritual circle on (w/o judic signet proc)

But its not even close to BM tho :undecided:

I have that exact same character build which and i did Gladiator Crucible with that character. I think you need all the items or items with better rolls.

Ofc i didnt exactly follow his choices especially on Augments, devotions and 2 items differing but its a quite solid build overall. I very much like that CT Warlock.

I have around 2400 OA and 2200 DA, you dont even need that high imo. You have good debuffs, you need to crit time to time.
Dont really bother maxing Doom Bolt at all like he did… Try to farm some good Dreeg-Sect pants if you can and i prefer a Badge of Master with +CT and i think that is really important since you can’t max the CT skill like you could in Sorcerer. Essence of Ct’thon augment on one of the weapons would be a good substitue for resist reduction.

This build never goes out of energy so i didnt get Ectoplasms so dont bother with them either.

Thanks for the tips guys - i might try the AAR way with the Black flame set.
Jov you have 3k+ IA and 2.3 DA…capped resists and 11k+ HP - it looks quite insane - is it fun build to play with? How does it work in Crucible Gladiator?

I am bored of farming it on my WB so was looking to new char with which to speed farm Crucible, but it seems not that many around at this point.

Though in general its a bit disappointing that no matter what build i try i almost always go with Judicator rings, Eye etc - the go-to items for 85% of the builds.

Wanted to use some of all that phat loot i have but most rings/amulets are plain horrible for casters (prolly ned a review).

If you dont like AAR
and you have 2 Albrect’s Duality Rings, an Arcane Shard of Agrivix and a Decree of Aldritch you can make a fun Aether/Vitality Warlock.
Using Callidor’s Tempest, Sigil and Doombolt. Not saying it is best warlock build but definitely a fun build that beats all the games content.

Grim Calc

Thx :slight_smile:
Tbh it was interesting for me, first warlock I ever made.
Didn’t tried it in crucible, cuz I just lvled it up to 85 and Im not such a big fan of crucible.
Actually this build could use some different rings and Emp essence of Beronath as an amulet to even increase sheet DPS, I just like PE of Beronath more cuz crit multi and OA.