I think it is rather busted, given where and when it appears.

That poison isn’t anything like the other poison attacks at that point in the game.

50% res isn’t going to cut it, if you have to go in.

One can argue that having to pop a potion isn’t that big of a deal, which is true.

But there is literally no way to expect THAT. :rolleyes:

What’s Biegna?

You mean Bliegna right?

Slith hero monster.

Is it the slith hero that spawns from the shrine in the cavern in Wightmire? If it is, that hero poison bomb damage needs to be toned down a little bit.


That’s the one.

Oh you sweet summer child, wait til you see my man Halion the fucking Rat.

  • OP Poison DoT? Check.
  • Retarded total speed debuff? Check.
  • Broken total resistance debuff? Check.
    That guy is the real Cronley nemesis, Fabius is his lil bitch I tell you.

Anyone remember Barmanu Meteor from Titan quest along with the insanely long stun

Easy to way to avoid that is after Halion uses Ring of Steel (around 1-2 seconds after), he casts the poison bomb like clockwork. Unless you somehow interrupt his cast. So just time running away after his RoS cast and he’ll throw it at his feet (or wherever you happen to be standing) and you’ll never get hit by it again.

@Dekaron Yeah…first time I came up against Barmanu was on my first toon, an ADctH DW Harbinger. Had loads of lifesteal, -armour, -resists and had no real issues with anything up to that point. So I just stood there smacking him in the face and I got annihilated on his first cast.

Eh, dodge stun and then don’t re-engage immediately. Barmanu wasn’t terrible once you get the hang of him.

Lots of times clearing that shrine and rarely had issues with it. What exactly is the issue here, a particular skill or overall damage or what?

If it’s the same one I’m thinking of, it has the same poison attack that Gastris the Foul has, the one that shoguns. I don’t recall it ever spawning for me except on Ultimate, though I may be wrong about that.

That hero has a poison attack where it throws three poison projectiles that when they hit the ground divide into three projectiles each. I had 60% poison resist and just getting hit by one poison bomb would deal nearly 2k poison DOT for 6 secs.

The funny thing is that when i went there with my Witchblade i had a much easier time because i already knew how to deal with it. Doesn’t take the fact that the attack deals a little too much damage and covers a wide area.