Black Heart of Morgoneth

Can anyone confirm that they have found this item, and from what part of the new dungeon? After 100 or so runs and nearly every item tripled, I’m thinking this is either bugged, or I’m doing something wrong.

You did 100 runs in 2 days?

yes and i’m nearly out of the stacks of hearts, ch’thons, and brain matter i had from doing so lol.

I think this item is bugged and not showing up. I’ve been jumping in games all weekend asking folks that are running it if anyone has seen it and the answer is no. I now have 3 of the 7 rings, 5 of the prime rings and triples of every piece of armor. Thinking Zantai may need to take a peek to see if the black heart is working as intended.

Reinan22 did 100+ runs aswell already, he got no black heart of morgoneth either so far, which depending on the droprate can be completely normal though.

My guess is, that the heart comes from the ring event, and is broken.

Or this can be just like Alkamos rings and take hundreds upon hundreds of runs to even get it. For reference, it took me well over 100 runs to get the Vanquisher shoulders and that one has a decent drop rate.

Until Dammit updates the monster database and item database, we will never know the exact drop rate. Or if Zantai comes out and say the drop rate.

By the way, which item is that one?

Well, i have a handful of scythes, 2 sets of alk rings, 3 world eaters, and 2 decree of malmouths…(yea the vanquishers that dropped from aldritch chest was aweful).

That being said, it feels like i got all of what is listed above before getting this heart. The fact that no one has seen it is what’s worrying me. I don’t even know if its an amulet or chest piece.

Chest Piece.

The drop rate for the chest piece is currently bugged.

As in doesn’t drop at all?

Zantai thank you. Will you please let us know when it’s droppable?

Thanks a ton and great game.

what ring event?