Black Screen after ~15mins of Gameplay, started after ~99h of gameplay

Hey, so I had a lot of fun playing GD so far and im at the verge of finishing my first ultimate dificulty playthrough (finished the maingame already) in Ashes of Malmourth and Forgotten Gods.


I can’t seem to be able to finish the game. After around 15mins into the game, I get a black screen and only see my mouse coursor and hear some sound. At first I thought I’d might wait it out a few weeks and a patch comes out that fixes my problem. Sadly that didn’t happen. So I read through alot of fixes and none of them actually helped me fix this issue.

What can I do? I’d really like to finish this game at least once. But doing it in 15 minute steps is just impossible.

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Could be a hardware issue of some kind. Do you have Nvidia? If so

Nope not that I’m aware of. Also this is a different bug mentioned.

But the Guide in the comments mentions using borderless windowed modus could fix it (I’ve used that before, but forgot to put it on again after I reset my options in an attempt to fix the issue).

So what now happens after I switched back to borderless windowed modus is basically the same as before but instead of a black screen my last frame freezes and Grim Dawns status in my tast manager says not responding.

Derp, got to check this place more regularly…

Anyhow, sounds like the game’s crashing, so the usual fixes for that are:

  1. Verify the game file cache via steam (google it, me tireds, 'cos it’s been 20C the last couple of nights this week)

  2. Turn your anti-virus off while playing, certain ones will crash Grim Dawn due to being a bit over zealous when it comes to scanning programs running.

  3. If 1 or 2 don’t work, hellooooo either:
    -a) ask for help in a new thread, detailing the crash behaviour, steps taken and a dxdiag log to help out ruling out driver crashes, along with any programs running in the background at the same time as Grim Dawn.
    -b) hit google and play “hunt the fix” via checking out others troubleshooting guides and similar problems, and since this probably isn’t the graphic’s driver crashing you can just search with “grim dawn” crash. Yes, this will turn up lots of results, but scanning the first couple of posts will usually tell you if it’s useful.

  4. Oh and also - issues with unstable overclock’s or over heating can play a roll, so as per usual, see if limiting framerates helps, since that should reduce heat output from the GPU/CPU, along with checking dust build up and that fan’s a working and not chocked with dust. And maybe reduce any overclocks to stock speeds. Although I’m bad and just leave the side of my case open…

Lastly - I’m not going to be much use sadly apart from this post, too much sleep debt + it being unseasonably hot here in Christchurch at night + getting back into cycling 11Km = one fluffing tired 'Mess. Also all this poop is making my memory recall issues that nortriptyline causes as a side effect worse, so on top of being tired as fluff I also can’t remember some words or recall facts ;-;

Not sure if I should be proud or concerened about you. Probably both. Anyway thanks for the help buddy.

So I ran through your suggestions step by step.

Verfied the game file cache via right click on the game in steam library -> select properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files. Told me all files have been checked. No deinstallation or installation or whatever just ran right through.

Games still crashing.

Turned off anti-virus (using Norton) completely for Grim Dawn. And simultaniously turned down all graphic settings. Which seemed to have done the work!