Black screen but still game sounds

I have googled on it and could find something they all give advice how to stop the game but that’s not a problem , i want to know if i can do something so it doesn’t happen again . every 10 min relogging isn’t fun any more :frowning:
What i have done already is all video settings on low much less flashy i did even my white gear chance for black and my angelwings for the metallic like wings and let Steam check the files. DxDiag.txt (77.5 KB)

See if anything here helps

Posting so I’m sub’ed to this thread + if you need more help or solved the issue please post about it. And either I or someone else will get back to you soon-ish, well, for me it’ll be when I drop out of my Satisfactory gaming fugue /cough

The problem is a lot less i downloaded msi afterburner and set it a bit lower together with the settings of the video a bit lower is it a lot better it can happen once a day or a day not at all thanks guys , @medea but i still hope you can do something about it from your site ?
I am happy its playable again i love GD

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