Black screen on startup, no menus at all

Hi, i have tried any screen resolution from 1920x1080 to my normal resolution 3840x2160, nothing changed, no menu at all , reinstallation or reboot don’t help, w11 x64, 16GB of RAM and gtx1070 nvidia, thanksDxDiag.txt (128.6 KB)

So looking at your DXdiag, you appear to have two graphics cards in your system. I would not be surprised if the integrated card is getting prioritized, so you’ll have to make sure the dedicated one is running instead by forcing it.

Here is a tutorial for that:

Also, here’s a way that maybe you can tell your computer to only use your good video card when you run FF:

Your computer has 2 video cards. One will run the game, one will not. Here’s how you can tell Steam to only use one of the other:

Right-click on FF in Steam and click on Properties…

Force Discreet GPU 01

Put “-force-device-index 0” in Launch Options:

Force Discreet GPU 02

Now try to load your game. If that works, you should be good. If it doesn’t change that text to “-force-device-index 1”:

Force Discreet GPU 03

Now try to load your game. If that works, you should be good.

Game works with the Nvidia, i see the logo on startup, thanks

BTW, i found the fix in steam community, delete de savegame folder

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