Blacksmith workers "idling - unable to work" even though all resources are there

I have run out of heavy weapons and am trying to make more, so I set my blacksmith to only make heavy weapons by lowering the production ratios for everything else to 0. My storages of iron and coal are full, plus my town has hundreds more of these resources in stock. But 6/8 out of my workers are “idling - unable to work” instead of making heavy weapons. Can’t figure out why - think this is a bug.

Did you try upping the production ratio for heavy weapons from 1?

Yeah, unfortunately it’s the way it works now, not sure if it was designed this way.
It’s like there are only 2 work stations for heavy weapons. Others will start working only if you enable tools manufacture so you can as well keep only 2-3 workers inside - 2 manufacturers and 1 helper who will keep restocking.

This is fixed in v0.9.0.

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