Blade trap is severely lacking.

Blade trap should be in the same spot as Curse of frailty or Olexra flash freeze, since it’s a CC debuffing spell, but it’s not and never has been.
It’s harder to cast than both, has lesser area of effect and proc devotions in a less way.
I know -30% + defensive ability is huge but the trap doesn’t work on bosses, so, kinda useless.

I think the same about Shaman’s Grasping vines, it’s not even close to the power of CoF or OFF in general, but the area and devotion procs are good.

Blade trap should provide -% of some resist, piercing, bleeding or vitality
and Grasping vines too.

I dunno, why not scale %DA reduction down to reasonable level and make it work for the duration of spell, not the duration of entrapement? Since god forbid to entrap bosses:p