Blademaster Pierce Build (Need some advice)

Good evening ladies and gents, I have always enjoyed playing a tankier class with some self healing abilities, yet still able to pump out some acceptable damage. With this blademaster build, I get the nice passive soldier defensive abilities on the way to Oleron’s Rage, increasing my pierce damage by 80 percent. On the nightblade side of the spectrum, I have my healing covered in pneumatic burst, my opener in shadow strike, and maxing the first four talents of the dual blade tier, once again focusing on piercing damage.

Coming from a Grim Dawn noob but D2 veteran, I would appreciate any feedback to make this build better. I know that hybrids rarely get far, however I suppose I’m attempting to tune my character in preparation for higher difficulty setting and a possible hard core run. Thanks in advance salt dogs.

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I wouldn’t consider this a hybrid really :stuck_out_tongue: unless you just meant dual class? Dual class is the way to go.

As you get the required gear you will gain a lot of free points which will makes things much better. As an example I have execution at 9/8, shadow strike line at 13/16 10/12 9/12 all with only having one point in them, this is with all the best gear though :stuck_out_tongue:

Menhir’s will is a nice skill, but it doesn’t work if you’re dual wielding. Only with a shield or 2 handed weapon. Decorated soldier isn’t much of a damage buff and elemental resist is quite easy to come by, slow resist is a nice thing to have but not terribly important. Maxing out shadow strike and it’s modifiers might be fun, but not very effective when we’re using our actual skill points and don’t have gear to improve it for free. The shadow dance dodge+defensive ability is nice, but the points are definitely better spent elsewhere.

In the grim calc I posted War cry+break morale is going to give us a lot of damage reduction and the ability to interrupt casters, very very important spam this as much as you can. Note that the damage it does isn’t almost nothing as you progress but it is still a great spell. Squad tactics is nice, but not a huge damage boost and we should be able to get plenty of attack speed without it. Having the modifier on pneumatic burst is huge, we can get the heal much more often with it. Nidalla’s hidden hand isn’t doing much for you at all, having whirling death+execution both at 5/8 means we now have 5 procs (the 4 nb ones, and markovian’s from soldier) with 20% boosting our damage big time overall. There’s a few blademaster build threads if you want more info/ideas! You could shift around some points and boost up the nightblade 5/8 stuff as well. Veil of shadows+night’s chill is a great way to debuff our enemies and get more/take less damage