Blind Sage Affinity Requirement

Every Tier 3 constellation requires a total affinity of 23, 26, or 27.

That is, except for Blind Sage which requires 28.

But what’s so exceptional about Blind Sage? Its bonuses are pretty good but its skill is pretty bad. Overall it’s probably average for Tier 3.

Its Eldritch (green) requirement to be reduced to 17. That will keep it in line with other T3 constellations and will better reflect its actual value. And even if the skill were buffed, it should remain at 17 because IMHO it’s quite annoying to have to take so many T1 Eldritch constellations just to meet that 18 Eldritch requirement. This is especially the case since A) Spider and Raven aren’t that great and B) Eye of the Guardian, Akeron’s Scorpion and Falcon emphasize incompatible damage types with Blind Sage.

Yeah, Blind Sage needs some more balancing frankly.

As for the skill - if you have high elemental damage boosting, it’s okay, but not quite what I’d expect from a tier 3 skill :confused:

Oh and because falcon uses weapon damage it can actually be a very useful shotgun skill to have, as if you have a weapon with elemental damage of one or all 3 it’s damage will scale.


Weird requirements and the skill is quie underwhelming. Even using warpfire to convert almost all cold to fire and having huge % lightning/fire it just doesn’t do much damage up even with 3 summoned

I started to build a Druid yesterday focusing on mostly lightening and elemental. Noticed blind sage was a good choice but could not put myself up to it. Because It needs a lot of sacrifice. Kraken offers almost the same damage boost+attack speed and easier to get. So I went with kraken and Amotok. I ended up boosting cold damage but did not waste any point on useless staff.

While I applaud Crate’s recent decision to buff Elemental Seeker, I don’t know whether it was sufficient (perhaps someone else can chime in on that) and I’m still displeased with the unchanged affinity requirement. I have also decided to re-examine whether the bonuses are really as “pretty good” as I have claimed before.

Let’s examine the “single-element” nodes in Blind Sage. When summed up and averaged on a per-node basis, they provide the following (per node):

+33% Elemental Damage
+33% Burn Damage
+33% Frostburn Damage
+33% Electrocute Damage
+6.7% Elemental Resistance

These bonuses are objectively worst than the bonuses provided by Rhowan’s Crown’s last node. And in any case, I would expect more from a node in a T3 constellation that requires 28 affinity. And even if flat single-element damage were added to each node, that wouldn’t really affect PRM builds - the type of build that would most likely want to take Blind Sage.

Simply put, those nodes need to be sensibly buffed and the Eldritch affinity requirement ideally should be lowered.

The damage output of the seekers I feel is still nothing to write home about. But I don’t feel cheated/handicapped having them there. They are just a minor damage bonus. My cold damage on my Grenadier is terrible though (358%) compared to Fire (1383%) and Lightning (1183%).

Still the seekers seem to have their own programming which makes them relatively useful. I find that every time one appears it seeks enemies at the back of the pack, harassing the snipers/spellcasters. It rarely attacks enemies in the front lines and that actually suits me better.

The over-all constellation gives you:
+180% Elemental Damage
+20% Elemental Resistance
+30 OA
+100% Elemental DoT (Burn/Electrocute/Frostburn)
+25 Spirit
+10% Crit Damage
+30% Skill Disruption resistance

Stat-wise probably the OA is the only thing there that most would want buffed.
Lowering it to be 8 Ascendant and 18 Eldritch wouldn’t be much of a difference, so I don’t see why we can’t have the cost reduced.

Leviathan is nearby and only requires 3 extra Ascendant (purple) on top of Blind Sage’s requirements to unlock. I’d say folks going for Blind Sage can easily get a good chunk of Leviathan as well. So lowering the Ascendant requirement on Blind Sage probably won’t do much. It’s the big Eldritch (green) requirement that’s the problem. Lowering it by just 1 will enable more flexibility in meeting it.

I agree that OA would be a sensible way to buff those single-element nodes. Maybe something like +2% OA per node?

It’s the changes to blind Sage and some %reduced CD I’d actually consider it. I would use the new Argivix set with the set completion proc (if I actually had the set) Put elemntal seeker on Callidor and make pertty little army of Wisps:)…widow devotion inluded of course

Having used the seekers before the update I can say that the buff they got was minor. Range of their aura increased from 3 to 3.5 and damage maybe by 10%. In practice you barely notice it.

You forgot to mention the Cd decrease. You can potentially have 5 or more at a time. With relative ease now using Cd reducing equipment

Yeah bro, I did see your Elementalist grenadier video. And it actually inspired me to make my own elementalist (nice build bro).

However I dont like grenades so I will be trying with Mortar traps, Storm totems, wind devils, stun jacks and if I can get ahold of the new Light’s defender set I will have an extra cooldown ability to press.

I hope this setup is going to be fun, last time I tried a build with the devils and totems was a Druid. I used trozan’s together with it, but I really do not like that skill. The randomness of the hits can be truly frustrating.

Cheers man, I’m currently working on another fire+lightning (predominantly lightning) Elementalist with Mortar Trap.

Originally I was going Thunderous Strike as LMB but decided Savagery is the better option as I have enough AoE. It also provides slightly more survivability. No idea how it will turn out. I’m going for a +%crit focused build.

Having an extra +6% OA seems a bit much. Just comparing it to Ulzuin’s Torch which has +5%OA. I feel that the flat OA value should just be slightly increased.

Doubling the flat OA value to 60 isn’t anything game breaking. Maybe 80? As a caster sources of OA are always good. Problem is they can’t go too high or the constellation becomes too lucrative for every build.

Well it does require the highest affinity out of all constellations. It should be pretty lucrative. Ulzuin’s Torch meanwhile requires only 23 affinity and that can be met through closely-related constellations like Fiend and all-around good constellations like Behemoth.

That said I did think 2% might be a tad too high, I was actually thinking 1.5% but I don’t know how the devs feel about percentages in 0.5% increments. I don’t think I’ve seen that before anywhere in the game except for bonuses from physique/cunning/spirit.

To mix things up there could also be something like this:

Fire node: flat OA
Cold node: % OA
Lightning node: % Crit Damage