Blitz Feedback

First of all, Bloodbriar amulet is gorgeous. Really good and finally allows low CD blitz to exist. Great job on this one.
Secondly, the gameplay itself is refreshing and unique, being somewhat different even from SS.
I’ve tried all blitz damage types that are supported by items - physical, cold, aether and fire. The best strategy appears to be getting hardcapping DM for bonus flat, since it applies both to main weapon and shield. Here are my results:

Blitz cd - 1.2 sec.
CR - 5.10 - 4.55 on a good day, main issue is absent of AoE. I’ve tried doom relic, tried Judgment, tried Oleron’s proc - armor eats them all and you’re left with blitz and its tiny aoe. I dont think thats a problem though, as solo target damage is really impressive and after general tweaks to physical damage (which i hope will take place in the near future) aoe shouldnt be that bad. Tankiness is good, although i expected more from 4k armor shield warlord.
Ravager kill illustrates how good solo target is:

Blitz cd - 2.0 sec.
Went for Alkamos’ Scythe because of how much it gives and maxed RoS for reasons obvious. A bit glassy because of how i assembled it but oveall has the most balanced AoE and single target damage. One thing though - Crest of the Winter Fortitude appears to be really bad for cold blitz and is outclassed by Dreadchill medal. Also Kuba is tough.

Blitz cd - 1.2 sec. Blitz’s damage is the same as on physical.
Surprisingly worse than two previous builds having significantly worse single target damage. I managed to did one 4.58 but the rest of the runs were 5.20 and for some reason i had worse survivability than on cold one. Also S&B cadence is hot garbage in terms of damage, feels like a wet noodle (well, cadence itself has the worst dps&sustain amongst all AA’s so thats expected i guess). Btw, Krieg’s helm for some reason has requirements of an normal armor, instead of heavy one and has the same pierce resistance as boots have. Not to mention that its really hard to get 26/16 blitz on aether.
Havent yet uploaded CR run due to poor connection quality.

Fire and (tried both, same result, second one is a bit sturdier)
Blitz CD - 1.2 sec.
Fire and Weapon damage just arent meant to be together. It has significally lower damage to the point, when it feels like Judgment is doing all the work and blitz is just an okish nuke. Sustain is horrible, despite 3300 armor and 22% phys res. I havent finished a run in 10 attempts (6 of them being dead at 160th, 2 on 162, one on 169th and one on 170th) and even if i had finished them the timer would had been ~5.20 at best. Grava is almost unbeatable here.

Conclusion: Cold and Phys are good, only cold medal could use a buff. Aether needs a bit more support. Fire one is a disaster, as every fire melee is.


And cooldown Pierce Ring of Steel! Thanks for very cool builds btw.

this is material for korba feedback though.

I meant those MI axes that also lower its cooldown , together to below 1s, and increase AOE.
I don’t even care about performance of this too much (but it’s Pierce so it’s going to be fine), just spamming it might be fun.

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Seems all right

I’m not sure if it’s even possible for an experienced Crucibler to get the best time that it’s higher than 7.30 so this might be not that useful nowadays / for those players. I mean both build optimization and piloting.

Denis, this post of Zantai is dated as Oct’19. The game had received numerous blanket power creeps since then, like MI stat boosts in Dec’19, affix boosts at the same time, Crucible aggro fix in Summer’20 and armor augment boosts in iirc Autumn’20, also builders and pilots accumulating more experience. Standards had moved on. The old 6:00-7:00 range is like the current 4:30-5:00.


Challenge accepted. :wink:

But I agree, times have changed, including Crucible times. So Blitz is performing adequately but obviously can’t power top tier build. And its cool that finally we can have low CD Blitz builds.


what about using/adding Blade Arc for aoe filler maybe? would that be possible to shuffle points that way/be effective in the blitz approach? :thinking:
(basing this on nothing just a thought/suggestion that popped up)

I did tested that. Cold Blitz + Yugol Spin and Blitz + BA; right now using only Cold BA; maybe I’ll share the results before hotfix but nothing extraordinary. Blitz and it’s %20 chance to %100 CDR isn’t smooth enough to combine with any other skill.

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But you don’t moved upper borderline of 10 min.
With your logic “Anything below 10 7 minutes for an average player is great” and still “Seems all right” :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair. I myself ain’t a trained crucible pilot, so 4:30 builds become 6:00 in my hands, and 6 minute builds become 8 minute at best (can’t complete at worst).

How so? Grey isn’t an average player by far.

When it comes to testing, old ratings do not work. skillfulness is determined by the speed of adaptation

I’m afraid I don’t get your point. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You mean that if it’s new patch then we should just forget all the previous benchmarks and start from blank? But that would be asking too much, and isn’t even very reasonable because there’s a large chunk of builds that weren’t touched by the patch in any way. With that in mind rediscovering benchmarks every time some individual build is added, buffed or nerfed seem to be counter-productive for testing to me, because it greatly increases feedback delay.

I don’t know what anyone thinks of this idea but could the mods on bloodbriar amulet be moved to a medal instead? It feels like Markovian set is being left out of all of this and it’s not like any of the presented builds above have mandatory medals for blitz itself.

RIP Myrmidon, although honestly speaking Myrmidon is pretty questionable anyway because it blocks slots for Milton’s Casque and Warden’s Fortress, and all it provides in exchange is 30% aether to physical (wasted, can’t stack Spectral Binding above 17 without silly compromises) and a granted skill that is about as strong as Brutal Shield Slam.

EDIT: checking GT now and how’s that a good competition? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

image image

Please no. Markovian set is already in good shape, more power creep would lead to its nerfing. It is already OP with Bargoll’s Root and Wendigo medal.

Ummm what’s OP in your definition? Cause I’ve never seen a Markovian build go sub 5 in crucible. Tanky for sure but we’re talking blitz dps.

Tanky builds should not go sub 5 Crucible. If they do - nerf hammer strikes. And nerfs are usually pretty harsh, almost never reverted back.

What is wrong with Blitz dps? Hits hard, nice AoE, big DA shred, significant DoT damage. A good ability even without gear support, in my opinion.

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You’ve got a problem with a lot of builds going both SR 90 and sub 5 cruci then.

But then have you seen the latest markovian build posted? It’s kinda dated since it was by @nery (tagging you so you can tell me if you played it in the newer patches) and it was 7 whole minutes of crucible madness. Translate that to and you’ll probably land 6 mins due to aggro fix. Then you factor in the physical nerfs in the test patch and you get a build that’s even worse than the overnerfed retal builds. Mind you, blitz has never been nerfed in all my memory of playing GD since vanilla. Meanwhile you get this new physical blitz build getting 5:10 - 4:55 and eats ravager for breakfast. You saying that should be nerfed too?

Before the test patch? Put all those positives you said (except dots, trauma isn’t very good unless you’re heavily investing on it like octavius but even that isn’t that damaging) but then also put a long-ass cooldown that cannot be fixed by slamming in an offhand because you lose half your damage by putting no shield. Remeber we’re talking DPS here. Damage per second, not damage per hit. Most other long cd skills that are good like TSS, BWC are good because they have access to cdr while also having the positives you mentioned for blitz. Test patch fixes that for blitz (and RoS) by adding a good amulet. I’m suggesting they move it to a medal so that the set that’s supposed to be the primary blitz supporter can use it too instead of being left in the dust.