Bloated Maggot?

what is this? Is it new in this patch or?

no, been there for a while

But is SR only? Or where can I find this dude elsewhere?

SR only like Gazer Prime

It’s SR only exclusive boss, pretty common. There is also new one boss since 1.1.3 but extremaly rare, got him on ultimate once per hundreds runs, some my friends didnt even hear about him. It’s 3x Loghorrean voice of hunger or something like that.

I could not find anything when I googled

These bosses were introduced after patch and grimtools for shattered realm is updated for so it’s pretty hard to find info about them. This second one mentioned above is even rarer than alkamos rings or it’s my and many other people “luck”. I have killed tons of these maggots, gazers, aetherials something but this one? Fought him only once and I am playing sr almost everyday for few hours. Anyway you can’t get any special items from him like from gazer.

I play SR like once per month :stuck_out_tongue: It is such a bad designed game mode IMO compared to Greater Rifts of diablo III… but anyway I get it, it is just a SR boss that you get now and then.

I agree with your opinion that GRs in D3 are better designed - but in terms of pushing for pure challenge. Farming is actually pretty boring, solo it was like 1,5min of 70-80gr with in geom monk, pushing actually required a lot of skill and knowledge about mob types/what to skip/where pylons could spawn etc. Pushing SRs with 75 only checkpoint is bad design, you need several hours to hit 90 and you can just quit and start at scratch in some cases like horrible boss combinations.

Where are ours deathly waystones? Zantai promised it.

Btw, the other SR only boss in question (there are 3 in the map actually)

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idk I do not play stuff I do not think are well designed. SR is way too random. I can die on shard 52 with same build as I breeze through 72 due to some weird mutators or what not.

Randominess in SR is nothing compare to greater rifts. That’s right you can meet here some unbeatable combos for certain builds, or instagro bosses (must be kuba and kaisan all the time) but did you try to push grs like 10-15 levels above your 100% pass rate level? No woods/battle edge map - quit. Ranged mobs - quit. Lighting pylon placed in the end of the map - quit. Triple elite with shields/illusionist prefix - quit. Vesalius as guardian - quit. Some bad mistake like dying during long cooldown skill - you miss 3 seconds to pass. For some records i wasted over 300 keys (300 tries to achieve something), some top players needed 3000. RNG is true here.

SR should be random but we need better checkpoint system for pushing. Farming is already easy with certain builds, just rarely these builds with “SR+” are really high shards farmers, it just mean they passed 75. Currently only tank characters/pets can farm 75-76 or even 65-66 with almost 100% success rate.

I believed this is introduced in V1.1.3

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Yeah GR was of course random too, but I still feel I had bigger “control” there

I might just be supremely lucky, but I run into the calamari deluxe every few SR55-56 runs. He’s a more common staple than maggots or the big aether bastard.

Mild spoiler!

Doesn´t the maggot drop the mini-pet?

No, that drops from the main game afaik and was introduced with FG release while this SR stage only came with 1.1.3

Stop exaggerating how many runs you’ve done. I don’t see him every 5 or so.

Examples of exaggerating please.

Do we Any information about how often this map can roll apart from just some anectotes?