Block chance

I see a lot of items increasing “block chance”

Is this viable trying to make a build using such items ?
What is the max " block chance" and does it mean that it can block 100% of the shields block damage ?

Thank you for your input


I don’t think block chance can be the core of a viable build because no matter how good you are at not dying, you have to have a way to make enemies die too. That said, building a max block chance character would be incredibly tanky, especially if paired with abilities that reduce the shield recovery timer.

Your second question makes me think you may be misunderstanding how block works a bit. A shield always blocks its full block damage when it blocks even if it has a less than 100% chance to block, but it only blocks a certain % of the time and has a cooldown timer following a block until it can block again.

I don’t know what the max block chance is, so I can’t speak to that question unfortunately.

Thank you for your input.

Isnt there abilities that proc, or even for that matter devotions that proc/trigger from attacks being blocked, thus I was wondering if maxxing the block chance is a good idea.

The damage prevention would be an added benefit, I hope.

Max block chance is 100%. It will block 100% of all damage up to the shield’s block damage if block is not on recovery.

I believe it is possible to have 100% block chance and eliminate block recovery time. Then each and every hit taken will block 100% up the shield’s block damage

Skip to 4:40 for Fabius fight.

I made this vid last year with my 100% block chance build. Does not work vs Mad Queen because Targo’s Hammer is a death sentence when her aura comes up if you’re not careful and because she hits so hard that even if you block it you’ll still take at least 3K damage.

I found block recovery to be an overrated stat. Even when you’re surrounded your character is usually able to block everything so I’m not entirely sure how it works.

Just remember, you can block everything except AoE attacks and yes my damage is dismal. I tried to rely on “block procs” for my damage output. It’s not worthwhile.

Here’s another vid vs Queen Ravna. No damage taken from her.

Hm, recently thought about something similar, not stacking block chance, but generally stacking survivability and various on-block/on-hit procs. Guess the result would be pretty much the same.

Most likely. I haven’t tested it’s damage output for a while but I doubt it’s much higher. My Warborn Commando can easily crit for 90k-120k with minimal effort. It also has a chance to block just not 100% of the time. Too many defensive options need to be taken to get the 100% block chance and that leaves you starved for offense. I maxed fighting spirit on that build to have my OA and damage output increased upon being hit but it’s still incredibly low.

Thank you Duck_King for all your input.

So for Devotions there is not much to talk about, only

Anvil - 25%
Autumn boar - 25%
Crab - 33%
Obelisk of Menhir - 15%

that have on block proc’s.
Are there any skills that have on block chance proc’s, or items that anyone know of.
Any input will be gladly accepted

I don’t think there’s any on-block skills, there is counter-strike and vindictive flame/ulzuin’s wrath which proc on hit.
Graceful dusk may help you with items, search for “on blocking” and “when hit” (you’re taking hits anyway).

Crab is not on block but on hit. It used to be on block many patches ago.

Some notable items with on Block:

Markovian Visor
Hamerfall Girdle
Markovian Stratagem
Dawnbreaker’s Duty
Reckoning Relic
The Untouchable
Skybreach Bulwark

Other than these there are many epic and empowered items and Green prefixes that have % chance on block skills

You can find all of them in an item database and search for %Chance on Blocking

I’ve always suspected something being not right with the block recovery. For example a Skeletal Knight can block all blades from a few successive Phantasmal Blades throw. Shouldn’t be possible without 100% block recovery

It is as it was in titan quest. Your build would work vs ravna if you had 100% recovery. Block recovery loses value at around 60% and remains so until 99%. But from 99% to 100% it’s a huge difference. You would be able to block all of Ravna’s spikes at once, and also have a train of hammers around you:rolleyes: