BloodGate, Online Action RPG Puzzle Game (Competitive PvP)

BloodGate mixes action RPG and a puzzle game and creates something awesome! If you ever played games like Puzzle Quest, it uses the concept but enhances it by adding loot like an action RPG, boss runs, item farming, competitive PvP, weekly PvP leagues, campaign story mode… This game caught me by surprise!

I am posting on numerous forums advertising the game as a player because this game shines but there is no light on it. I accidently found it on steam. This game is going to ridiculously popular once the word gets out. Its a multiplayer ARPG bejeweled with random loot, crafting, PvP, its insanely addictive and fun.

100% Buy to play, no cash shop, competitive PvP multiplayer, action RPG puzzle game with a very addicting loot grind / crafting system.

Please check it out! You won’t be disappointed. Just look at the steam reviews!

Official Website:

Steam Page:

Gameplay Trailer (The hype is real):

Gameplay #2: