Bloody Pox Build for

Seems they’re buffing this in the upcoming patch, I’m looking for some ideas for a DoT caster bleed build centered around Bloody Pox. (Preferrably with YOLO Fevered Rage :))

Right of the bat I’m thinking Conjurer with BP/CoF/DS/GV and Primal Bond. However, I worry that while it’ll be clearing trash like nobody’s business, it lacks the single target damage required for efficient boss killing. Here a rough template I threw together:

Thoughts ?


My thoughts?

Wait for the patch and lets do some actual tests in the field instead of basing it on numbers :slight_smile:

Fevered Rage = Shield builds. Pretty much no exceptions to that rule.

And even then pox is mostly just speeding up enemies to die on your retaliation/on block effects.

Fair enough :slight_smile: We can always theorize around the build concepts though - they’re unlikely to change drastically.

How would you set the build up in the games current iteration, ? Would you opt for Conjurer as well ? What devotions would you go for, things like that.


CoF+GV isn’t enough snare to be able to kite the fevered mobs ? If that’s the case, then I guess it’s no fevered rage for me :slight_smile: I absolutely loathe retalbuilds, quite possibly the dullest concept ever devised in this game, or in any other for that matter.

Umm, i have a different idea. Gimme 30-40 minutes i have a respecable character (well not exactly, i love that character but i guess i don’t have any choice but to respec :cry:)

I’ll test and give concrete response :slight_smile:

Sounds good! :slight_smile:


Make it 1-1.5h :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to move items between chars and i can’t remember where i put some thing :undecided:

Bloody pox will still suck, believe me.

I use fevered rage (FR) for my 2h vit. melee conjurer, and, actually, FR is quite good skill for increasing thrash & heroes cleaning speed, but you must be totally mad to use FR to the most strong enemies (most nemesis, Anasteria, Shar’Zul, others).

I used Fevered Rage on Fabius when i was new to the game

I got scared shitless and haven’t used Pox ever since. I did kill him but took a lot of cheesing to kill Fevered Fabius (this might be way back when i was a newb, but i am certain that using it on bosses on a non-retaliation build is like Safarel said - madness.

I am curious Safarel, do you kill Anasteria in the main campaign (you monster :)) or did you mean Crucible Anasteria? (you mentioned her name in the list of bosses, not many do that)

i’m levelling (yet another) witchblade for a bleed/acid/(either vitality or pierce, not sure) ret build that hopes to use maxed pox as it’s main form of damage vs ranged/casters for when the patch hits.

if it’s still crap, the build will still be salvagble for a more traditional retaliation build

I respec’d an old build to make something work. I am testing it vs. quest bosses first.
It looks good and might post it soon. So stay tuned, if i don’t plan to post it i’ll atleast do the civic thing and share the concept in this thread

Posted the build in case someone is interested.

I just finished Ultimate on a Bloody Pox build, but it was a Vitality build that relied on Gear procs to decimate the enemy. My main attacks were Bloody Pox and Locust Swarm. Very effective and almost unkillable.

I have also tried a Bleed build like this but found it inferior to Warder and Trickster options in the past. With the buff I will probably try it again.

Since you’re focusing on Bloody Pox, you definitely want it to be a kind of Fire-and-Forget DOT build, so I’d suggest sticking to Pox and Swarm again, maybe Grasping Vines so that you can make your getaway, and just run away after application while waiting for the enemies to die.

The other option is to use Bloody Pox and Blade Spirit from the Nightblade tree for even more hands-free fun. I will try these now that I’m done with my Vitality Conjurer.

Put some respec on it. Sorry, just wanted to say that.

Thank you.

FR will have its OA bonus cut down to 25%. Simultaneously, we’re getting a DA boost, making it more likely to be able to reach the 2750 DA needed to avoid crits from a FR’d opponent. The only issue remaining is the speed bonus but that can be mitigated in a variety of ways.

Also, shameless plug for my 70 Second Overguard Method.

By “Locust Swarm” do you mean Devouring Swarm? If so then I’m confused - I thought DS didn’t stack with BP (or any other dots)?