Bloody Pox.

Hello everyone! I have recently begun leveling an occultist, using Bloody Pox as the main damage dealer. However I noticed that there aren’t alot of builds using this skill, so my question is; why is that? I really like how the spell works so I was hoping to make some sort of build around it. Would it be possible?

Bloody Pox bloody sucked until it was buffed in the most recent patch. Nobody bothered with it before now.

Probably one of those vitality lifesteal dot conjurer.

Pox builds work just fine now.

Thank’s for the info! Also, should I focus on bleeding damage or vitality since Bloody pox deals both?

I have a Pox Witch Hunter who does Vitality + Chaos damage. I built with ADCTH and pluses to Occultist in my plans, Symbol of Solael on Main hand with Solael’s Flame buffed with Eldrich fire as one of my primary keyboard attacks.

Once finished this toon destroys most content but does struggle against some of the heavy hitters, Nemesis, BOC boss and SOT boss. Its still fun though

Below is one build for a Pox character.

Redthorn grimtools (click here)

It’s not a difficult playstyle and you can defeat most mobs in the game*, as long as you have room to kite. There are other reasonable Pox builds, as well, in case this one doesn’t appeal.

What’s given here is a SSF build, in case you’re wondering why gear looks so random.

  • This is a “slow but steady” SSF build for purple bosses that easily and quickly destroys large packs of trash and regular bosses. Thus, the trio in Valbury would probably not be doable because of healing, for example. If “best in slot” gear was available, then I don’t know what the ceiling might be for content that this build could handle.

My pox build, which is essentially just max everything in the pox line and see what happens, actually killed the Valbury trio really easily (on ultimate). They managed to heal once before they all died. I was very surprised, but I guess the fact that this build deals the same dps to everything on screen really works in this fight.

Also ran into Valdaraan twice randomly in ultimate, he was pretty easy as well but he took three times longer than most characters.

Good to hear that it’s working well for you guys :slight_smile: I’m currently trying out the Redthorn build posted above and its working out great. Avyctes, If possible I would like to see you’r build aswell. I’m still pretty new to the game and I always find it usefull to see different variations.

Bloody Pox is viable as support spell for Vitality Conjurer 1/12/1 or poison WH 1/1/12 , First skill in line still scale poorly =(. Thats a little sad =(

With three different mastery skills and two different celestials providing bleed damage, and plenty of resistance reduction, my bleed caster functioned just fine even before and he functioned better with Pox in the mix.

Incidentally, I’m not disagreeing with your point above about damage scaling. I would say, though, that given how Pox is just one of five different bleed sources for Redthorn’s build, the recent buff to Pox didn’t have as much of an effect on how he functioned as one might expect.

It’s not ideal by any means but it does fill the screen with procs, procs and some more procs. Would like to replace the pants and boots with some double rares but honestly I don’t have the patience for hundreds of sect pants runs.