Blue Print Question

It has come to my attention that I am only missing 3 blueprints: Spellbreaker Waistguard, Starfury Emerald and Covenant of the Three.

I know that Covenant of the Three is a Sentinel only drop. From what I remember of the joy of getting Eldritch Gaze is that the Blue Prints drop outside of his treasure orb. If this is also true of Covenant of the Three and if the star aligned perfectly is it possible to also get the other two missing blueprints from his orb?

I’m not sure if this is possible in theory, although I have never seen two legendaries drop from one orb. Might be possible but the odds are definitely not in your favor there.

Practically, it’s not possible. The odds for Covenent are what, 1 in 40 or something like that. A legendary from the orb is probably 1 in 50 at best, and that’s for any legendary. If you want a specific one (or two) the odds drop drastically. I’m not going to calculate it precisely but you can be sure that the final odds are about the same as you being quantum teleported into the next room (which means 1 in like a trillion trillion trillion).

He has a small chance to drop it on death. The orb wil not drop it.

That’s fine I’ll take a small chance they are already a small chance when you have two remaining. Can’t wait till covenant of the three drops so I can stop running Sentinal. Current farming for the three remaining blueprints is Sentinal-gates of necro for ethereal nemeses chance-farming - rep in cronley a for fabious eventually (8k to go).

Am I wrong in understanding that the starfury emerald and spellbreaker leggings blueprints, while very low, can drop from anything be it a crate, a lowly zombie etc?