Blueprint hiding or missing?

I have a frustrating but funny problem.I have created multiple characters testing them and really took this game in all directions since the game came out.My favorite build is the CABALIST.However who would have thought that after making 8 characters - taking them to ULTIMATE and beyond there is ONE blueprint I crave but cannot find.SCOURGE. I have not yet found the blueprint for SCOURGE. This is hampering my progress with the CABALIST build.I have put 6 beers in my fridge and promised my wife and neighbors a BIG party if SCOURGE would drop for me one day…Any ideas why ? Should I just hope…maybe mine somewhere ?

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Isn’t that one of the relics that you can just buy, e.g. by the vendor in steelcap district? Just restart the session a few times until he has it in stock.

Edit: No, seems like I’m wrong. According to this (Unique Merchants of Cairn) you can’t buy the scourge relic.

Farm where blueprints drops, treasure troves, SR, Crucible, Nemesis, Roguelike dungeons boss chests

People always say that and I’ve not gotten a single blueprint from them and only 3 legendaries in 771 hours. I’ve always been opening them anyway, because there’s a pirate’s blood in my veins. :pirate_flag:

I’ll keep calling that bullshit if it comes to farming blueprints. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always gotten many blueprints from nemesis, sometimes even 1 per nemesis.

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I have gotten plenty from those

just farm treasure troves (very easy. especially in mountain deeps. for the required dynamites just farm cronley mines (and fabius’ chest in lucky runs) and nemesis troves. they’re easy to farm. i’ve farm them like around a hundred times now, and the treasure troves drop blueprints like 30% of the time. while the nemesis troves drops purple more often (and sometimes blueprints). keep going at it. i’ve got the scourge relic from them a long time ago when mindlessly farming those troves (or when i beat some random champions? i dunno. they can drop blueprints too).

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Once you have most BP, troves are unlikely to drop any. It’s rare near completion, but common drop when starting out.

Nemesis usually drop a blueprint and often Roguelike chests (almost guaranteed?), BUT the more BP you know, the more luck you will need to get that last few BP.

Each BP drop is random and it is rerolled a number of times (10?)…so if you don’t get something new in those independent rerolls…you miss. The more BP you have the more luck you need in those rerolls.

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true. right now i’ve got a lot of BP’s already. and the troves and nemerogue chests are starting to drop fewer and fewer blueprints.

just have to keep farming. if you haven’t got the bp you desperately need for your build. that means the game is trying to tell you to ‘do the best you can with what you’ve got’ (play with another build that can be built near optimum performance with what bp’s and gears you currently have).