Blueprints rant (again)

According to grimtools (thanks, Dammit) there’s 689 blueprints in game:

  • 52 is sold by various factions,
  • 231 could be sold by non-faction vendors,
  • the rest 406 of them is a wild drop from rich chests, bosses, nemeses etc., something major.

Well, does it mean we have to buy everything from factions, check vendors 231+ times and then just open up 406 troves/? Nope. The blueprint drop chance from a chest is 20%, by my own estimations. So, it’s like 2030 chests then? Nope.

If I remember correctly, the RNG rolls for a chance for BP drop, then rolls which one would it be, and if player knows the BP rolled, it won’t drop at all. Now here’s the thing: the game doesn’t care if you miss one BP and will pick BP from the whole wildies’ list (remember, 406 items). It means that the more recipes you know the less recipes you’ll get, but finding the last few will be nearly impossible.

Let’s just pretend it’s a list of 400 items, and we know 390 BPs. So we run for trove, open it, the base chance is 1 to 5, and we’re lucky, then we have 1 to 39 chances for the “right” roll, and the real probability is 1 to 5*39=195. So we have to open like 200 troves to get one recipe out of ten unknown. Doesn’t even close to exciting. What if it’s the last 5 BPs? 1/395. If you know 300 “wild” recipes, you will see a new one every 1 per 20 troves if you’re of mediocre luck.

This isn’t very upsetting if you already found BPs which you really want, but imagine if’s not and they keep on slip off the rolls and every new BPs makes your chances smaller and smaller to a whopping 1/2025 for the last one. This is even worse than fusing spam 6L in PoE if you know what I mean. I might be wrong worth exact numbers, but you got the idea.

So I propose to introduce BPs maker, like the one who could make a random legendary. Of course he should be Ultimate-only, hang around somewhere near the end of campaign (or AoM, or FG), the craft should cost a lot, and every next craft would cost more and more of resources, but it’d be always guaranteed new blueprint.

So, how many trove runs are we looking at if we start from no “trove” recipes, but all vendor recipes?

Well, if it’s 20% and I didn’t made up the mechanics, it’d take somewhere like 411075 troves in very average from 0 wild BP to all 406. The number might be extremely different if (un)lucky, but in the end it’s a solid number anyway. Too solid I’d say.

Have you accounted for the game rerolling when you get a duplicate blueprint from chests.

As far as I know, if trove rolls a duplicate BP the trove won’t reroll and won’t drop any. That’s the part of the problem.

Pretty sure the game rerolls dupe blueprints something like 5 or 10 times.

So we’re talking about 40k to 80k troves. That’s better but still…

You’re are talking out of your… butt. The game rerolls up to 10 times if it rolls a duplicate initially.

From patch notes an I only checked major patches:
Increased maximum number of times the game will attempt to reroll an already learned Blueprint or a Unique item previously dropped in the current session from 5 to 10.

The impression I get from this is, that the game will reroll a blueprint no matter where it comes from.
Also why only focus on tresure troves, chance from key dungeon chest is 100% plus, you get bosses, trove and other chests on the way. So go farm those.

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:roll_eyes: Kids those days…

Increased chances is still bad, tho I’ll check out dungeons for BPs instead of SR.

  1. Let’s refrain from making assumptions like the above. It really undermines your argument.
  1. How is this any different from the way legendaries drop?
  1. Your calculations are based on an assumption…And for argument’s sake, even assuming that this is true, you have the item transmutor thing now, which should make completing a set significantly easier. Furthermore, if you enjoy playing a game with significant diversity in itemization, you’re just going to need to accept the role RNG plays in it.
  1. There is something kinda similar out there, and it’s called GDstash.

Closing thoughts:
I hope I didn’t come across as rude, because it’s not my intent to trivialise your opinion. While you are more than welcome to raise suggestions, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the decision of Crate. For what it’s worth, it is far easier to farm items in GD than most people realise.

Maybe this guide I wrote will help you:

P.S: There’s always trading.

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