Bone harvest as a default attack replacer

i think this would be really cool.

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There is no such a thing as auto attack Replacer; it’s default attack replacer you meant I guess. Primal strike is an Auto Attack for example if you use the mutator and so Savagery but PS is not a default attack replacer, Savagery is so it can activate WPS.

And about your idea, there are AA skills like BH. Oblivion, Obsidian Tremor and a few alike I now don’t remember. So there is no need to spam BH, it won’t be any different or unique. But if you’re talking about it becomes a default attack replacer; that won’t happen in this universe.

The best you’ll probably get is an item removing its cooldown at the cost of damage. Something in the same vein as Amarastan Crusher for Amarasta’s Blade Burst.

You can get to 1.4s or even 0.9s recharge in some variants with it so it can get quite spammy.

I thought about turning bone harvest into forcewave 2.0 as well since I like the effects better but I’m not sure if it’d be worth it.

Wouldn’t it hurt performance though? I mean unlike Forcewave it’s quite graphical. I bet someone could mod an item for no-cooldown BH and check it… =)

I think the lowest cooldown Bone Harvest can reach is -2.3s plus 35% CDR, reaching a cooldown of 0.45s like in this instance with Oppressor, the damage will be confusing though with acid converted to vitality and vitality converted to acid.

I personally have a Death Knight build that makes Bone Harvest as a Cadence replacer with WPS. Modded and Smax Bone harvest can reach a total of 450% WD vs Cadence 500% WD. The differences are Cadence is having 2 charges while Bone Harvest have 3s cd which during those periods both deal normal damage, but the trade is Bone Harvest have higher base damage from all conversion as well higher aoe potential.

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I did the same with my aether Apostate.

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Yeah, and those dps is deceiving, mine was shown to have about 50k dps, but since the aoe potential is big mob just melt.

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Also Soul Harvest is nice buff and with low CD it will empower practically every Bone Harvest hit after the first.

In my vitality Oppressor I even use it on left hand and you just acivate default attack if it’s on CD.
[] Bone Appetit! Vitality CDR Bone Harvest Oppressor - massive damage, Crucible 170/SR 75/Ravager no consumables


We both did that also.

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wait the -2.3s takes place before the -35% cdr?

about that build you linked - i thought skill conversions override gear conversions? so bone harvest would still be doing vital damage.

Yes, the percentage reduction takes effect last, or else it would be trivial to get many skills to 0 cooldown

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dang that sucks! thanks good to know.

They do. But no skill modifiers convert the Vitality damage on Bone Harvest whereas his rings/belts do to Acid damage. So Bone Harvest would deal partial Vitality damage (converted from the Piercing/some Cold) and partial Acid damage (converted from the non-converted/already present Vitality and some Cold).

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ah right, gotcha.

Yes like Snazz and Evil explain above. If you want that build to work I think it needs an equally higher percentage Acid and Vitality damage, while BH deal a mix of Acid and more of Vitality damage, the rest of our damage dealt would be full Acid damage.

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