Bounties: Kill X number of monsters

The Devil’s Crossing bounty kill 3 reanimators and Rover bounty kill 3 skeleton golems also work when you kill heroes of the same type. Try killing Kyzogg in Burial Hill with reanimator bounty active and you get credited for it. However, all other similar bounties such as Korvaak Champions don’t give credit to hero kills.

Can this be changed to apply to heroes as well? Its somewhat vexing to meet more than 3 Korvaak Champ heroes south of the Korvan City portal and not getting bounty credit because there were no normal champs to be found.

Those bounties are phrased vaguely, most bounties are more specific and call for a particular enemy type.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by more specific. There is an enemy type named Aetherial Reanimator and that is pretty specific. Aetherial Reanimator != Aetherial Dominator. Yet the bounty works on both normal and hero variants of Aetherial Reanimator.

In fact for my Korvaak Champion example, I don’t think there are hero types of the lesser variants like Korvaak Ascendant and Korvaak Ragefire. All heroes of this type are of the Champion variant. Having bounties work on the hero variant would be a nice change.