Now that the expansion is out i would love to see some changes in the bounties. i was doing some for rep farming and realized that it was actually fun.

i know you guys already have a topic about this but its closed. the game is super fun and complete the way it is but im just obsessed and think ppl would like this.

my ideas of rewards are chance to drop rare materials, iron, maybe blooms or binding seals, also add some hardes bounties to kill nemesis or superbosses or X amount of lets say chtonian monster and the rewards being some blueprint (so much bp now and i feel that the fastest way is to do nemesis).
maybe some legendary item after complete all bounties on any table without skipping (only on ultimate)

anyway thanks for reading.


I kinda like doing bounties too but ofc I only do them to gain reputation and hate. Later on they are not worth it anymore when you just get some iron bits and a random partial component.

So how about a 2nd bounty tier that unlocks after reaching a faction’s Revered status. Those bounties would be more challenging and more rewarding than the usual bounties. Think of special missions for the top agents. :wink:

For example: Hunt down and kill a faction’s nemesis (obviously) or gather X amount of items that only drop in the secret areas of a dungeon.
The reward would not be reputation, XP and some old components that no endgame character needs even more of, but rare crafting materials like lotus or random gear like MIs or blueprints. Just some ideas :slight_smile:

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I have been doing Loghorrean + Steps of Torment runs, in an effort to get maximum alkamos warswords for my Storm of Ice and Fire saboteur caster. Loggy was very shy as far as coughing up blood went.

Sometimes I’d get a legion bounty for Thalonis or maw-type chthonians, but I’d get at most iron or some random component. This was elite difficulty, by the way. Similarly, Zarthuzallem, Skeletal Knights, Revenants, were all taken if the game rolled them.

Additionally, I did the Guardian of Solael, and whenever the ancient heart bounty came up, converted it 1:1 to blood of chthon, for free. It was what initially gave me the idea, as it was the favorite bounty I had.

Char was not bumped in any way by mandates or merits, only influence was a single corpse dust from another character’s stash on an impatient evening.

After consulting gamepedia, here are what I have in mind for certain bounties that could use a tune up, as well as general suggestions:

  • Ruination (ODV/Kymon), Calamity(Devil’s) relics. Increase chthon blood reward from 1 to 2, OR alternatively add 1-2 random partial rare components.
    rationale: Relics are pretty expensive early on, as in you aren’t really converting tainted brains 1-1, but investing 3 components + a hefty iron investment into them. Getting more blood, or additional rare partials would compensate for this cost.
  • Hunt down a fixed boss (Thalonis, Voldrak, Bolvar the bloodbinder, Zarthuzallem, Rodeltharis, Nicholas Balthazar). I’d like to see a random hero or two roll in for the fight, with buffed (2x-3x) health if feasible. (Just no supporters or supporter+timewarped. OR Supporter + Timewarped + Arcane with the boss bearing down on you, or maybe that’s what I not-so-secretly want?) Preferred reward? 1 rare and 3 common partial components at least, with 2 rare 3 common or even some crafting material (Aether crystals/Shards, Chthonic Sigils, Dynamites, Ugdenblooms, eldritch essences) depending on difficulty.
    rationale: I had a ton of fun when a random undead hero started spawning in alkamos’ room. I figured, why not add this fun into more fights, but with extra health so the heroes will get some respect (SOME of them). Additionally, the rewards are nowadays highly outdated, and could use a boost. With the added difficulty and randomness of hero picks, the increased rewards are well-justified.
  • Outcast Roguelike bounties: Add 3 heroes minimum, or an additional boss to the roguelike boss fight, offer 2 rare materials of the appropriate dungeon (Blood of Chthon for Sharzul, Sigils of Binding (Or something appropriately large, like an aether cluster or even a skeleton key?) for Alkamos.)
  • Conastaria: Move spawn point to Amalgamation’s den, add 1 or 2 heroes. Reward a random affixed Pulsing Crystal.
    rationale: It makes the Amalgamation fight more fun, for an appropriate reward.
  • Slathra the Plagued: Spawn Ellana the First Slith, Viloth the Corruptor, or Primordian the Forgotten One as bodyguard (Required for the kill). Reward a random MI from the three possibles (Ellana’s Necklace, Putrid Necklace, Viloth’s Ring).
    rationale: Look, chance of getting an MI you like is fun. Having a tough boss to make the fight more interesting is fun. Getting an additional roll on the MI tables is even better.
  • Bounties on Cronley’s ascended and lackeys: Reward an ascended MI for Ascended, and regular non-ascended random cronley MI + Dynamite for lackeys. Add a random hero spawn to each boss on the lackey list. Add 1-1 random hero to the four hills area where possible hero-level targets can spawn. Or spawn landmines like Plains of Strife on the four hills
  • Devil’s Crossing, Caspis: Move to Salazar, add a hero to the salazar encounter, reward a bloodsworn MI (Or barring that, 1-3 chthonic seals of binding)?
  • Warden’s Pets: Add random gazer bosses. Reward Overseer’s Eye.
  • Hunt X type bounties: Add random MI from the enemy type if possible (Rift scourge slicer, Overseer’s Eye, Mutant Bludgeon, Korvan Storm/Burning/Eldritch/Reaping Halberd, Bloodsworn Scepter/Repeater, etc.) If not, add materials (Scrap, chthonic seals of binding, aether crystals, dynamite, blooms), or either 2 rare or 3+ partial components.