Brainstorming a druid build

for now this is what i made to repurpose my druid. I stopped with the cold/lightning hybrid and skyshard which is good but what i want is more of a winddevil and totem build. Let me know if you think this has some potential.

Why wendigo?

it seems to heal quite a bit and increase lifesteal

Why not full Cyclone Wind Devil builds? Also I will take if using Arcanist the Star Pact for extra CDR.

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i see what you mean the damage on chain lightning was a lot less with that offhand but the winddevils probably do a lot more. then ill get cindertouch as well.\

Edit : i changed the build to full cinder

Why use chain lightning, and not the set granted skill?

Also, starpact >>>>>> storm touched

It’s like STARPACT and storm touched

you mean Aether lightning yeah i hate that skill i tried to work with it but its just not good the chain lightning applies a electrocute while the set one doesnt. The electrocute is what im going for really thats why.

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yes once i have some credits again ill try out the starpact version of this build. the reason why i am reluctant to do so is because i dont have much + skills in arcanist

Not sure what benefits the set gives you then.

You’re better off going

EDIT: You can also get conduit with modifier to totem, and an ugdenbog storm strife for an extra totem

P.S: I’ve tried a cyclone druid. It doesn’t work very well.

ok well im not disappointed but my druid was never really good i didnt like the TSS build very much even though it shred totems like crazy. Al you have to do here is run around and everything dies.

and yeah im trying to get those rings. I supose you take the amu only for the fire to lightning conversion and arcanist skill?

Yeah. It’s kinda meh though. +3 raging tempest is nice too. Beronath is not a bad choice here either

Well my conclusion of this build is that the red wind devils from cinder are completely useless more or less compared to the skill winddevil which does all the heavy lifting. Chain lightning helps a chunk too, once the damage gets going it really melts stuff though in my experience. In some SR room i just ran around cursing my bad slow resistance sometimes but when the running works everything dies.

ok with starpact i get 10% cooldown reduction which is quite nice for this cooldown build. In crucible i died at 165 with 4 buffs due to iron maiden and other nems combo hit. Although running around shit dies quickly i thing i would have done it under 8 minutes with better piloting.