Is there a tool to give me or formula to figure out individual breakpoints for Attack and Cast animations?
Im gonna assume this game has breakpoints to the animations correct?

no breakpoints.

Sweet! Thank You. I didn’t know if we had access to enough ways of scaling APS to those levels for that to be a thing or not.

Another question…

There’s 55 Devotion Shrines? And ive got going on 50 right now about to go into Ultimate so… I guess once i start Ultimate ill only have to get just the ones i happen to miss in Vet and Elite?

Also Modroggen? I assume its best to complete that Shrine in Elite? Or wait till Ultimate for some reason? Or do i actually have to complete that one in Elite and again in Ultimate?

  1. Once you have 55 completed shrines, you’re done.

  2. You can complete that particular shrine in Elite if you want, or go into Ultimate and fill out the rest of your shrines.

How many fps is the game running in at max? If less than infinity, there should be breakpoints in theory

Is it really worth exploring tho. Unless that breakpoint is found in between 190 and 200 then I see no point in trying to find them.

I did not made any such claim if the should be needed to explore etc.

A person with 9 y membership and 8.7k posts said “no breakpoints” and I just wanted to elaborate on that