Brewery isn't providing entertainment - v0.7.4

I don’t believe this structure is intended to be providing entertainment.
The Pub however is.

Level 3 is required to produce beer, while level 2 is required for taverns. Chances are you just don’t make beer~

The structure makes beer. A lot of beer.
The structure DOES NOT make entertainment. Pubs make entertainment.
Therefore, this notification is on the wrong building.


The widget appears incorrectly, yeah. Breweries do not provide tours.


Though some level of tourism could be a pretty cool late game idea

Pubs were moved to Tier 3 with patch yesterday. Both are tier 3 now.

This bug is still available in .7.6


Yep I came here searching for this one

So this is still a bug in 7.6V? Having same issue. Have lots of beer lol - some Pubs are open but no all.

Yes, it’s still in v0.7.6, but fixed in the upcoming v0.8.0 patch.

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Ok good to know. Actually I had another look and it is making money lol. Its just the message is misleading. Cheers mate!

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