Briathorn ground slam leads to dps loss?

It seems if you bind devotions to Briathorn, ground slam leads to a dps loss, as the animation is so god damn long it reduces the overall number of attacks and devotion procs on Briathorn.

The most obvious is with Oleron’s proc, where it procs on crit. If you spec into ground slam the Briathorn loses 3 attacks during ground slam, all of which may crit and proc Oleron, so this is a dps loss overall :confused:

Interesting… I have never noticed it though. But if true, then I will pretty much have to change all my builds :frowning:

Got any numbers to show the dps difference?

Points from Ground Slam can be put into Hellhound or Familiar or Wind Devil in this case.

When it’s true it would be a real shame because why using pet abilities when they are useless?

I hope it’s not so bad in the end, I like ground slam. ^^

Ground Slam’s animation scales with pet casting speed, not pet attack speed, so the more bonuses you have to attack speed outside of total speed bonuses, the slower it is relatively.

If you’re that worried about DPS though, you should probably use a devotion path that doesn’t involve Oleron :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree though that it could afford to be a little faster.

Almost all of the pet abilities are useful in some way.

Ground Slam is really good at generating threat. It makes a huge difference if you’re not using Ishtak, even with a single point.

Ember Claws generates extra threat, hits up to 5 targets, and in the new patch always deals at least 100% WD.

Lightning Strike is very powerful, particularly if you have 2 Familiars.

Mend Flesh can be provide some useful healing, particularly when you have 2 Familiars, but it does have some quirks you need to be aware if you’re going to use it.

Rotting Fumes generates threat, causes fumble, and has massive DA shred.

Blight Burst is incredibly strong potent AoE damage.

The 3 pet auras are all very useful.

Yeah the auras are good. I never really used that poisen golem/abomination thing from the necromancer (fiend?).

But yes, some skills are really good, thats true.

Well I am excited what builds you guys figure out with the upcoming expansion. I am mostly playing petbuilds aswell but I am not so extremly firm.